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Yesterday was the release of the newest Castlevania tribute album I headed, following on the heels of last year's X68000 album.

It's what it says on the package; a tribute to the music from the first 2 Gameboy Castlevania games, Adventure and Belmont's Revenge. Again had a fantastic troop of musicians helping me create this album, which I've wanted to do for a little while but never put into motion until earlier this year. It's got a bevy of genres - metal, rock, orchestral, funk, electronic from a bunch of remix artists and even a few game composers in the mix! I'm really proud of the variety and skill that was brought to this album while covering some of my favorite music from the series.

It's released currently on Bandcamp and will be released shortly on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music and more.

Hope you guys enjoy! =)

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Worthy sucessor of last year's album, nice job to you and the team!

Hit me up for the next one ;)