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Title: My script for Castlevania
Post by: Kirihara Akira on August 18, 2015, 07:34:14 AM
WHERE IS MY CASLTEVNIA MOVIE!? I have waited for 10 years since I was in high school, and now I am graduated from University and already working, but I still got no sigh of it!

Well, I have wait enough, so I am writing my own script for Castlevania. But I confess, the outcome is pretty...Disappointing.

First. This is my first time to write script, so it turns out more like a story than a movie script. I just couldn't get myself out of details.

Second. This so call "script" has some serious grammar problems base on others from another forum, so you might have to know the story real well to understand this script.

But I a still posting this. Why? Because I hope someone can notice this and actually get me a Castlevania Movie! I can wait no longer! Thought I kinda worry how will the story look like of the REAL Castlevania when Christopher end up Simon's brother...

OK! Done talking. Have at you!

Act 1: The Legend

(Somewhere in Transylvania. )

(Inside an abandoned castle, in a huge throne room. Everything in the room seems destroyed. Nothing stood on its legs.)

(Two figures face to face in the middle of the room. They both seem badly injurie and could only kneel on the floor.)

Vampire figure: This is useless! You can kill me now, but I will come back!

Knight figure: Try this as many times as you want. But always remember, whenever you touch this world. I will be waiting.

Vampire figure: Haha…Your mortal life will not last long. Next time I come back, you will be cold as a gravestone.

Knight figure: I may not last long, but my children will take this whip and continue my legacy.

Vampire figure: Your children? Will they remember that long? You can kill me as many times as you want. The Creatures of Night will always call me back.

Knight figure: Then start from today, the Belmont Clan will hunt the night!

Act 2:  Small village

(Under a huge green tree, a group of children sat down with a strong young man.)

Children: (laugh) We know, Simon, you making up stories again!

Simon: No! I am telling the truth! My ancestor DID hunt vampire (stopped and think) 500 years ago.

Children: (laugh) See! Story!

Simon: No! It IS true! It most likely true. I mean… it may be true…kind of…

(Children laughed again, Simon shake his head helplessly.)

(A rouge looking middle-age old man walked out from the house near Simon. When he saw Simon sitting under a tree, he came running with his fists swinging.)

Rouge man: Simon! How dare you slack off on me!

(Children got scared and ran away. Simon jumped up in panic.)

Simon: No! I am working! I got you your water…

Rouge man: And that water is NOT enough. Get me another 10 bucket!

Simon: Another 10!? (Saw the look on the Rouge man’s face) OK, got it. I am going!

(Simon picked up the giant bucket by the tree and bears it with the straps attached to it.)

Rouge man: I want the water from the mountain.

Simon: Mountain? Why don’t you use the water from the river? It is clean and tasty…

Rouge man: Do it or leave here!

Simon: OK, OK! I’ll get it.

Rouge man: If you don’t get all 10 buckets by sunset, you are fired!

Simon: Oww! (Run to the mountain)

(Simon running around the village, saying hello to or laughed by the villagers, run into mountain and get some water)


(Simon wipe the sweat away while pour water into a water tank. Immediate alert when a young woman slick behind him, but pretended not noticed)

Linda: (Pet Simon on his back) Hey!

Simon: Wo! Linda, you scared me!

Linda: You should pay more attention around yourself. I heard my Dad yelled at you earlier. I am sorry.

Simon: Why apologize? I am fine. No worry.

Linda: But…

Simon: Really, don’t worry about me. But why does your Dad need this much of water?

Linda: The chief gave him a cart of grapes in exchange for five barrels of wine. My dad decided to make some grapes wine in order to deliver to the church.

Simon: That’s why he wants mountain water. Make sense.

Linda: I heard that those wines will use at the Coming-of-age Ritual next week.

Simon: Coming-of wha…Oh yeah! That thing next week.

Linda: Are you going to participate in it?

Simon: Well yeah. I am 18 already. And I am going to become a real man after the ritual.

Linda: Really? I don’t think so.

Simon: What do you mean?

Linda: You are always a giant child that’s what I wanted to say.

Simon: Hey Linda, that’s mean!

Well...OK, I will come back to this after my works are done. Wait up guys! ;D
Title: Re: My script for Castlevania
Post by: Claimh Solais on August 19, 2015, 08:36:19 PM
I've got a couple questions to ask on this.

Firstly, is this written with the actual CV timeline in mind? If so, aren't there closer relatives to Simon than the one from 500 years ago (which I'm assuming is meant to be Leon)? If that's the case, Soleiyu or his son should be Simon's grandfather, and both of them would know about the vampire (Dracula?), confirming Simon's story as true. Though this could simply be written off as other people not believing the words from Simon's mouth.

Secondly, what's the difference between the water in the river and the water on the mountain? Your scene is written like we should already know the difference. Is the mountain water cleaner? More pure, or fresh? Simply stating "It's for wine." and following it up with "Oh, that's why." doesn't really give information on that end and it's somewhat vague.

Mind you, that doesn't mean it needs to be spelled out for the audience blatantly. Having them refer to the river water as just plain ol' water and the mountain water as, say, maybe "freshwater" or something is explanation enough. But right now there's only a vague implication.

I do like the relationship you're making between Simon and Linda, though. While it is something that is a bit cliche'd, it works well here.

Something that does need fixing up, however, is presentation of the scripting. Everything is the typical plain font, separated by line breaks. A way you can make it easier on the eyes is by bolding names at the beginning of the lines, and italicizing actions and such. Like so:

Act 2:  Small village

(Under a huge green tree, a group of children sat down with a strong young man.)

Children: (laugh) We know, Simon, you making up stories again!

Simon: No! I am telling the truth! My ancestor DID hunt vampire (stopped and think) 500 years ago.

Children: (laugh) See! Story!

Simon: No! It IS true! It most likely true. I mean… it may be true…kind of…

(Children laughed again, Simon shake his head helplessly.)

(A rouge looking middle-age old man walked out from the house near Simon. When he saw Simon sitting under a tree, he came running with his fists swinging.)

Rouge man: Simon! How dare you slack off on me!

Above that, like you stated, there are grammar problems, but they're not quite as big as the wording problems. I wouldn't know if English is your first language or not, but all of the characters in this are speaking in broken English, and some of the lines seem kinda strange, particularly Rogue Man's "How dare you slack off on me!" line. Something like, "Are you slacking off again?!" or "Stop slacking off!" would be more natural.

Also, some description of the setting would be nice, too. The scene with the vampire and the knight is clear enough with just "abandoned castle", but with Simon and the kids, it just states "under a big green tree". That could be anywhere, though, and it's hard to visualize a background with that vague of a setting. Is that tree in a grassy field? Or in the middle of a village (which is where I pictured it)? In a forest?

Overall, though, it's got a pretty decent concept. If you've anymore written, I wouldn't mind reading it over.
Title: Re: My script for Castlevania
Post by: X on August 20, 2015, 12:08:05 AM
Firstly, is this written with the actual CV timeline in mind? If so, aren't there closer relatives to Simon than the one from 500 years ago (which I'm assuming is meant to be Leon)? If that's the case, Soleiyu or his son should be Simon's grandfather, and both of them would know about the vampire (Dracula?), confirming Simon's story as true. Though this could simply be written off as other people not believing the words from Simon's mouth.

I believe what he's written down is the prologue. The beginning of the Belmont legacy is act 1 featuring Leon. Then we have act 2 which is further ahead by several centuries were we now start off with Simon's story. This is probably what Kirihara Akira meant but didn't really clarify it.
Title: Re: My script for Castlevania
Post by: Kirihara Akira on August 20, 2015, 06:59:00 AM
Wow! So someone actually reading this. I a so happy about this! Thanks for your respond guys! ;D

First, Thank you X for answer the first question for me. Thank you! ;) Yes, that was Leon and Mathias at the beginning. I know it is somehow confusing for those who don't know Castlevania well, but one thing I learn from writing stories is never state anything too clear, or it will look more like an information booklet than a story. Also, I only want to touch the core of the feature about Castlevania without bother the heroic role of Simon, so I did not go very detail about it.

And about those who are closer relative to Simon like Trevor and Christopher, yeah, they are, but I want to make it more unreal for the children to laugh. Because Simon is just a regular villager who is trying to date the winemaker's daughter...for now. He doesn't have to be a hero until he...well, meet his distiny.

Second, about the water for winemaking...Oh well, this is some little thin I learn from my wine class. They teacher said that mountain water is more fit for wine making than regular river water because mountain water went through many rocks and stone, which purify the water, which river water did not go through all these and...apparently, not as good as mountain water when it comes to winemaking. I put this in the story trying to make the winemaker more professional, which seems it back fired...

Thank you X again for explain my intention for me. I am happy to have a reader like you! Thank you! :D

And...phew! Long talk here. Now the story, enjoy it!!

Act 3: Coming-of-Age

(A huge party set up at the filet in front of the village church. Food and drinks are served on the tables; villagers are dancing and having fun. A beautiful marble font set up right in front of the door of the church, as if a baptism is ready to happen.)

(A Priest step behind the font, villagers stopped dancing and become quiet.)

(Simon stood in line with several young man and woman close to his age. Linda was watching within other villagers.)

Priest: It comes to the day again for our new generation to join us as the servants of God. May our lord, the omniscient and omnipotent God always look down to us and guide us on every step we take.

Villagers: Amen.

(The youth step upon the font. The Priest steeped his fingers in the water of the font, draw a cross on the youth's forehead, and say something about his future.)

Priest: The animals will look upon you as their leader. You shall feed the mouths of our youth and made the clothes for our men.

Young man: Amen.

Priest: This rosary will protect you and the one you love. May your future bless by our Father, the true lord God.

(Young man bow to the Priest and went back to the villagers, he gave the rosary to his mother.)

(All the rituals are the same except what the Priest said about the future)

Priest: (To a young woman) The fragrance of flowers fill the path you walk. Your bouquet shall marry our lord.

Priest: (To a young man) The beasts in the forest shall fear you as their nature enemy. You shall be the shield to protect the villages.

Priest: (To a young woman) Flour turns into something new within these hands. You shall serve our lord for what he needs for his banquet.

Priest: (To a young man) You took the gift from our God though these living plants. You shall provide shelter and tools to those who needed.

(Simon walked upon the Priest, and the ritual has been held.)

Priest: You…

Simon: …?

: You are loved by our lord, the true God in heaven. Therefore, a heavy cross shall place upon your shoulders.

(Simon felt really confuse. Villagers started to discuss quietly.)

: You are destined to walk a difficult path. You shall follow the footsteps of your ancestors and fulfill the duty of your bloodline. But fear not. Our Father is always watching over you, and his guidance will always be there whenever you need.

Simon: ???

: Now go. May this rosary protect someone truly important to you.

(Simon took the rosary and bow to the Priest. He went back to the villagers, but did not give the rosary to anyone.)

(A party was held after the ritual. Villagers enjoy food and drinks, and dancing in the open area)

(Linda was chatting with a group of young ladies that close to her age. They soon noticed when Simon draws close.)

Simon: Hey, Linda. Want to dance with me?

(Other girls started laughing and whisper on each other’s ears.)

: Oh! Shut up!

(Other girls ran away while laughing loud.)

: So, can I dance with you?

Linda: Sure, why not?

(The two came to the open area and start dancing.)

Linda: Priest John said something really wired to you. Do you understand what he said?

Simon: Absolutely no idea. But that fortune telling things always sounds funny to me thought.

Linda: I beg your parents are worry.

Simon: Sure they do. But they also know I'm no small potato. They don't worry much.

Linda: Especially after one of them received the rosary for “someone truly important to you”.

Simon: No, it still here.

(Simon took out the rosary and show Linda.)

Linda: Wh…Why? Why didn't you give it to them?

Simon: You heard Priest John said. I want to give this to someone truly important to me.

: Who will that be?

Simon: What about you?

: (Shocked) Wh…What? Stop joking Simon.

Simon: I am not joking. I can't find anyone that can fit this rosary more than you.

(The two look quietly in each other’s eyes. Simon put on the rosary for Linda.)

Simon: Keep this on for me, will you?

Linda: I will…Always…

(The two then quietly dance with each other.)

Act 4: Vampire Killer

(Party ended and Simon went home. His parents await him by the dining table.)

Simone's Mother
: Simon! Congratulation for you! Did you have fun?

Simon: Sure do! That was a lot of fun in the party.

Simone's Mother: I am happy to hear that. We saw you gave the rosary to the winemaker's daughter. Do you fancy her?

: I guess so. She is very cute. Is this OK?

(Simone's Mother looked back to Simone's Father. Simone's Father responded with a smile.)

Simone's Father: Hundreds of OKs. She is a nice girl. We both are happy for you.

(Simon quietly showed his relief.)

Simone's Father: Simon, this is the great day of your Coming-of-Age. However, our coming-of-age is different from others.

Simon: You mean the vampire hunting stories?

Simone's Father: No story. Those are truth history.

: But that was 500 years ago!

Simone's Father
: No, it happened only 100 years ago.

(Simon shock into speechless)

Simone's Father: And my grandfather was the one who fulfilled that duty.

Simon: What

(Simone's Father stood up and came in front of Simon. He then took a whip off his belt and hand it to Simon. Simon received the whip with both hands.)

Simone's Father: This is the Holy Whip that pressed down from our ancestor. As its name “Vampire Killer”, it is the nature enemy of all creatures of the night. I was so lucky that I never get to use this whip. I hope the same fortune goes to you.

(Simon carefully put the whip on his belt; swear that he would use the whip with honor. However, he could not help to think about what the Priest told him about he has to “walk a difficult path”.)

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. One thing I got to confess though. English is not my first language. I learn most of my English from the TV show. That "How dare you slack off on me?" was from a TV show too. I know my English is...not good. But I will do my best to finish this story. At least I can promise you that.
Title: Re: My script for Castlevania
Post by: X on August 20, 2015, 09:52:34 AM
You're doing very well for not knowing English fluently  :)  You story is readable so try not to worry too much. There are still some errors with your grammar, but it's not beyond interpretation. Believe me I've read worse from officially printed books and I heard that the Twilight books (to name one) are one of the worst culprits for this. I would definitely recommend learning some more on grammar as it will greatly help you in the future.
Title: Re: My script for Castlevania
Post by: Kirihara Akira on August 25, 2015, 05:57:58 PM
>> X

Thanks for you advise. However, this is pretty hard to learn English from here though...I will see what  can do.

Back to the story. Things start to get interesting from here. What happen in the game is going to start.

Act 5: Creatures of the Night

(In the middle of the night, Simon and his parents were asleep. A loud bell ring woke the whole family.)

Mother: What is that?

Father: The warning bell…We are under attack!

(Simon rush to the door and was shocked by what he saw outside.)

(Many demons invaded the village. They killed and ate the villagers that Simon once knows.)

Father: (Show up with Mother) Simon, grab the bags. We should go hide in the mountain.

Simon: Linda…

: What?

: Those monsters are coming from the direction of Linda's house!

(Simon rushed out his house, ignoring his Father's yelling.)

(Uncountable demons ran freely in the village, killing and eating the villagers. But for some unknown reason, they seem scared of Simon and tried to stay away from him.)

(Simon saw Linda from afar. She was captured by a giant bat and was taken away.)

Simon: Linda!

(Linda's Father jumped and grab his daughter on her legs.)

Linda's Father
: Leave my daughter alone!

(Another giant bat fry by and land on his back, then bit him on his neck.)

(Linda's Father let go of Linda.)

: Daddy!

Simon: Linda!

(Simon swings his whip and hit both giant bats. The giant bats turned into dust and Simon grabbed Linda while she fell.)

Simon: Gotcha!

: Daddy! How's my Daddy!

(Simon and Linda went to check up Linda's Father. His wound was fatal.)

Linda's Father: Sorry girl…I couldn't protect you.

: No! Daddy NO!

Linda's Father
: (Turned to Simon) You bastard…Protect my daughter.

: That will be my mission.

(Linda's Father died.)

: (Cry out in pain) NOOOOOO! Daddy! Daddyiiiiiii! No…NO!

(Simon hold Linda to ease her pain, while hear a scream from behind!)

Simon’s mother: Simon! RUN! Your father is…AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!

(A hand of a beast pierced her heart from behind. A huge werewolf showed when Simon’s Mother fell dead on the ground.)

Simon: MOTHER!!! NO! Mother!

Werewolf: All blood of Belmont must not survive to see the dawn. This Belmont should meet the same fate of the other one.


(Simon battled Werewolf with his whip. Werewolf was defeated and injured.)

: You are much powerful…But we will always come back for you, Belmont. Until the last drop of your blood vanquish from this earth.

(Werewolf took all the demons and left the village, leaving a destroyed village and uncountable corpses.)

Act 6: Facing Destiny

(Many coffins sat out at the small church of the village. The Church has sent a group of priests to help with the funeral of many villagers who killed last night, including Simon’s Parents and Linda's Father.)

(After the funeral, Linda sat alone under a tree. Simon approached with two sandwiches on his hands. Linda quietly shakes her head. Simon sat down beside her and put down the sandwiches.)

Simon: Are you OK?

: No I am not.

Simon: Oh…

(Several seconds of silent.)

Linda: Laura and Ada…They didn't make it…neither.

(Simon recalled two of the girls that laughed with Linda at the party.)

Linda: I…I can't believe this. It feels so surreal for me. I almost feel like I am dreaming.

: It should be. I don't feel real neither.

: What will happen next?

Simon: I have no idea. But I promised your Father to protect you. That will be what I live for from now on.

(Simon held Linda's hand. Linda showed some sign of relief, but still drowns in sorrow.)

(Priest John approached them. Simon stood up while helping Linda.)

Priest John: I am sorry for your lost.

: (Nod his head) Thank you for your help of the funeral.

Priest John: No matter. Look, I know this will sound wired, but our Bishop wants to see you.

(Simon and Linda both were surprised. Simon looked Linda in her eyes, then turn back to Priest.)

Simon: That will be my honor.

(Priest John lead Simon to the prepare room of the church while Linda waited in the Mass Hall. The Bishop was waiting for Simon with two other Fathers. When Simon came in, Bishop welcomed Simon with both hands opened.)

Bishop: Nice meeting you, Young Belmont. We are so happy to see you unharmed.

: You know me?

Bishop: Actually, we are very familiar with your clan. Your bloodline is very important to us.

Simon: Mind to explain?

Bishop: Before I tell you about your clan. I want you to know who was behind the attack last night.

Simon: (Showed strong anger) And who would that be?

: The Lord of Darkness, King of Vampires. The Count Dracula!

Simon: Hold on a second there! I thought that was all makeup stories…

Bishop: Those are NOT stories. We cover them up so the citizens won't panic. It is a secret between us, the Church, and the Belmont Clan.

Simon: I don't understand. Why me? Why Belmont Clan?

Bishop: Because Belmont is the only person that can kill Count Dracula and free this world from his darkness!

(Simon went into shock and speechless.)

Bishop: I heard that you finished your Coming-of-Age ritual. Did you receive a whip from your father?

: Yes I did. (Took out the whip and showed it to the Bishop)

(Everyone looked at the whip with praise.)

: So this is the legendary Vampire Killer. Did you get the chance to use it? How was that like?

: I used it last night. Two giant bats turned into dust.

: Turned in to dust! You must be the one!

Simon: What do you mean? Speak sense!

Bishop: This whip, Vampire Killer is the only weapon that can do harm to the Dark Lord, and the only weapon that can actually kill the King of Terror.

Simon: Wha…Then give this whip to someone else. I beg you have many solders that dying to kill him.

: Sure we do. However and sadly to tell you that, it is not possible. We have tried so many times, but none of our best solders can use that whip, not even breaking a piece of wood. Only the direct descendants of Belmont can activate Vampire Killer.

: But why? Why only Belmont? How did my clan get this whip anyway?

Bishop: Maybe you can tell us instead? We don't know much about this whip. Belmont Clan always keeps this their secret.

(Simon looked at his whip and went into silent.)

Bishop: I am sorry about your father, Simon. But this makes you the only capable user of Vampire Killer. Don't you see?
Simon. You can avenge your parents, and many other who died last night.

(Simon recalled the girls laughing with Linda, the last moment of Linda's Father, and his mother who came running.)

Simon: I understand what you said. (He held his whip tight) And I will do whatever I can to get this bastard paid. But I have a request for you all.

(Linda felt really unease for Simon left for too long. Simon walked out from the hallway. Linda rushed to him.)

Linda: Simon! What took you so long? What have you talk with the Bishop?

: Nothing much. Linda, let's go get something to eat.

(The two sat down in a restaurant for some food. Simon refused any questions that Linda asked. They quietly finished their lunch, then sat face to face silently.)

Simon: I am leaving tonight.

Linda: To where?

Simon: To make the one pay for what he did to us last night.

(Linda went into shock.)

Linda: No…Simon, don't! You can't do this!

Simon: I can. Only I can! I have this power, I can do this.

: You promised to protect me.

: The Church will protect you. They promised me.

Linda: …I don't want you to go.

Simon: Neither do I. But as long as I still alive, they will always come back for me. No one will be safe before I settle this with him.

: Simon…

Simon: I can tell. My bloodline is calling. I want to kill him as much as he wants to kill me! Do you understand? Linda. It has to be me.

Linda: Simon, who is “he”?

: You don't have to know. But this is not over, not until one of us died.

: (Looked helpless and could not say anything)

Simon: I will end this, to stop the suffering…to protect you.

Linda: Simon…Come back to me.

Simon: I will. I always will.

OK, I confess. Start from next chapter, I changed the story. I let someone who should not belong to this story appear. Well because I love him so much so...I just can't help! (Sorry guys) He will be another main factor that go through the serious of stories with Vampire Killer. I know I shouldn't do this but...Sorry again.
Title: Re: My script for Castlevania
Post by: Kirihara Akira on August 28, 2015, 12:39:34 AM
Act 7: The Castle

(Simon was riding a horse and rushing in a dark forest. He was rushing to a dark, creepy, huge castle.)

(Many demons showed up and attacked Simon’s horse. Forcing Simon jumped down to the ground and fight.)

(Simon battled the demons with Vampire Killer and defeated them all. But his horse was dead.)

(Simon stood helplessly beside his dead horse.)

(A giant White Wolf showed up from the shadow. It came right in front of Simon.)

(Simon positioned to battle.)

: What kind of demon are you?

White Wolf
: Woof! (Turn and look at the castle)

Simon: (Hesitated) You came from there? Make senses. That is Dracula’s Castle!

White Wolf
: Woof! (Turned his back on Simon and looked at him.)

: (Confused and put down his whip) You want to take me there?

White Wolf
: (Stayed still)

: Yeah sure. Why not? I never ride on a wolf thought.

(Simon rode on the back of White Wolf and grab on the furs on the back of its neck.)

White Wolf: (Howl to the sky and started running.)

(White Wolf ran in amazing speed. Many demons wanted to attack White Wolf, but was not match to its speed.)

(White Wolf brought Simon to the Front Gate of Castle. The bridge started to pick up.)

: (Grab on tight on White Wolf’s furs) Jump!

(White Wolf jumped and grabbed on to the bottom of the bridge, allowed Simon to climb in.)

(Simon barely made it to get in before the bridge closed completely, but White Wolf did not.)

: (Looked back to the bridge.) Hey! You OK? Hey!

(No answer)

(Simon looked a bit sad. Then he turned his back to the bridge and walked into the castle.)

Act 8: Werewolf

(In the Colosseum, Werewolf awaited Simon.)

: So, you’ve come, Belmont.

Simon: And I am here to make sure you pay for my Parents’ death!

: Pay? Ha ha ha…YOU should be the one who pay for what you did 200 years ago. I was in your village merely collecting debts.

: I know not of any of your nonsense! I was not even born 200 years ago.

Werewolf: Your blood of Belmont makes you and your father responsible. For you robbed the last treasure from our Lord.

: What? Treasure?

: Yes. Treasure. That was the one thing that our Lord, WE cherished the most and would protect at all cost. And yet YOU robbed it from us, driving the entire castle into deep sorrow. Furthermore, you played a character of a Justice Warrior, killing our Lord with the one and only Treasure that he ever cherish. We will not forgive you, blood of Belmont. Not until the last drop of your blood redden the stares of our Lord’s throne.

Simon: I know not about your treasure or any of the so-call debts you talked about. I am here because you did own me and many people a debt of lives, and you are going to pay for it!

: Then come to me, Blood of Belmont. Claim your vengeance or your bloodline ends here!

(Simon battled Werewolf. Werewolf was defeated.)

: As strong as usual. You defeat me again, Belmont. What will you take from me this time?

Simon: I already told you. I am not here for any treasure. I just make sure you pay for what you did.

Werewolf: (laugh miserably) Stop lying, Belmont. You took away one of my best servants last time. You tell me you’ll leave empty handed?

Simon: What are you talking about?

Werewolf: You fought those Bug Man out there. Don’t you know they were once your breed?

: (Shocked)…Oh my God…They were human?

: Stop playing dumb, Belmont. You chose my strongest servant, purified the curse I put on him with your divined blood, turned him back to human and took him with you…Don’t you think I will ever forget that!

Simon: So, my blood has the power to purify any demonic magic…I never know that.

Werewolf: The blood…so holy that not evens a curse can last…what hateful blood that runs in your vain…

(Werewolf breathe for his last and stopped moving, then it turned into dust and disappeared.)

Act 9: Medusa

(At the top of the Clock Tower.)

(Simon walked into the room behind the huge clock face. He looked curiously on the stone statues along the way.)

(Many statues stood at the side of the hallway. They looked weirdly details, almost looked like a living human turned in to statue. And for some unknown reason, they all seem tried to cover their eyes.)

Medusa: You are back…

(Simon got spook and stood in battle position.)

(Medusa climb down from the gearwheels set atop of Simon. She then stood on the floor with her snake tail.)

Medusa: I know you will come back, Trevor Belmont. What are you going to take from me this time?

Simon: I am not Trevor Belmont. My name is Simon Belmont. You got the wrong person, and I am not going to take anything away from you. So step aside, Monster.

Medusa: (Evil laugh) Don’t try to fake me, Belmont. I cannot see but I can smell. I know your scent of blood. It smells the same of 200 years ago! You defeated me, turned my favorite statue back to human, and took her with you! You think I will forget such a thing?

Simon: I have no idea what you are talking about. But you turned someone into statue, and Trevor Belmont turned her back to human. I don’t see anything he did wrong.

Medusa: Damn You Belmont! You still try to trick me when things come to this point! You think I will forget? No! I will not forget, and neither will I forgive!

(Simon battled Medusa and resulted in defeated her.)

Medusa: No…not again…not…defeated…by you again…

: You harm human, and that makes you my enemy.

: Enemy? (laugh) You stole what we cherish most, and you are saying I am your enemy…

: I am enough with your Treasure thing. What is it anyway?

Medusa: Treasure…Yeah, our Treasure. That was one thing that we all cherished, we all obeyed, we all…loved.

Simon: Love? You demons know how to love?

: We would give him anything he wants. He was the most beautiful creature in this castle. His beauty was like the shining stars that bless this castle…

: (Feeling confused, but kept on listening.)

Medusa: Whenever he showed up with our Master, he was like the beautiful star that shines aside the moon. I would…We would do everything…anything to make him happy…

Simon: The Treasure was a he? A human being?

: (Stare at Simon with her empty eyes holes) Still playing stupid, aren’t you? You took him away; you leave us all in the dark! After he was gone, our hearts burn in hellish fire! Our Master…His heart broken when he had his Treasure turned his back on him…

Simon: Who is that Treasure? What is his relationship with your Master?

: He…He is our Master’s…

: That is enough, Medusa.

(A giant scythe flew from the air and strike to the floor, chopped off Medusa’s head.)

(Medusa screamed and turned into dust.)

(Simon held his battle position and looked around.)

(Death was flying in the air with Linda (unconscious) in his hand.)

Simon: Linda! Why? The Church should be protecting her!

Death: Not even the God himself can surpass death. I want them die, they died. The Church has no power upon me.

: Let her go! She has nothing to do with this!

: Your ancestor took away our Treasure, we take away yours. This is a fair due.

: What kind of nonsense is that!? Wait, you know I am not Trevor Belmont.

Death: I know. For no death can escape my notice. Your ancestor, Trevor Belmont, has died 160 years ago.

Simon: Then you know she is not a part of this! I am not Trevor Belmont; I did not take your Treasure!

Death: And our Treasure lost to your bloodline. This is a debt that last for 200 years, and today, it finally get paid.

Simon: Nonsense! This is between you and me!

Death: Very well then. If you want her back, come to the Cemetery. I will be waiting.

(Death disappeared with Linda.)

(Simon started running.)

Yeah I know, I shouldn' let him appears. But I love him, and I will make sure he won't get in Simon's way. Is it OK?
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Interesting read. Liked the part of a white wolf helping Simon. It's a rather unique element to the story. The bits about the treasure also adds more to the backstory. As for Death showing up? He does whatever he wants, he's death  :)
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>> X
Thank you for respond ;) Actually, I never got through the first Castlevania. I was lucky to beat the Giant Bat, but Medusa was bad. I mean, I didn't even know how I was killed. And did I mention that the biggest boss of Castlevania is platforming?

The first Castlevania is so straight forward that I have to add something to make the story more interesting and readale. I am glad that you like it. And as for Simon's Quest, the story is much longer with many different factors. Yeah...I already finished Simon' Quest. Is it OK I post it here too?

Act 10: Death

(Death awaited Simon at the center of cemetery.)

(Linda was not in sight.)

Simon: Where is she!?

: The girl is not here.

Simon: WHERE IS SHE!!!

: I will not tell you.

: Well then, I will open your mouth!

(Simon battled Death and Death was defeated.)

: Ahh…That power, you are much stronger than Trevor Belmont.

: (Grab Death on his collar) Where is she!?

: (Weak laugh) She…That girl…is with our Master.

Simon: What?

Death: Our Master chose her to be his new servant. What a lucky girl…Ha ha ha…

Simon: No! Where is she? Where is Dracula!?

Death: You will never find her…She is lost to you forever…Just like our Treasure…That will never come back…

(Death turned into dust and fell off from Simon’s hand.)

Simon: Linda! (Looked around in panic) No! Linda! Where are you? Linda, answer me! Linda! LINDAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Act 11: A thin ray of hope

(Simon running down a Mable Hallway. Sweat spray on every step he took. His hair was completely wet by sweat, and his armor was heavily soaked.)

Simon: Linda! Where are you? Answer me. Linda!! Linda!!!

(Simon fought many demons that attacked him. They all turned into dust.)

(Simon put his hand against the wall and started crying.)

Simon: Linda…No, not you…Linda…I am sorry…Where are you…

(Simon sat against the wall, put his head between his knees and hold it with his both hands.)

: Linda…Where are you? Linda…

(Many demons approached and surrounded Simon, attempted to attack him.)

(Simon did not stood up and battle. He appeared to give up fighting.)

(A figure of a beast went by. All the demons were defeated and turned into dust.)

(All the sudden White Wolf was standing in front of Simon.)

White Wolf
: Woof!

(Simon looked at White Wolf as if he suddenly found a ray of hope.)

: Do you know where she is?

(White Wolf looked at the tallest Tower afar.)

: (Climb on White Wolf's back.) Take me to her!

(White Wolf started running in an incredible speed, crushing all the demons along its way.)

(White Wolf ran on to the castle wall alongside the Tower.)

White Wolf
: Woof!

Simon: Don't worry, I can do this!

(White Wolf jumped an unbelievable height and jumped over the Tower.)

(Simon jumped down from White Wolf's back and broke through the Tower roof.)

(Simon landed in the center of the Throne Room.)

Next in line? Dracula!!!
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Act 12: Dracula

(Dracula was standing at his throne with Linda in his hands.)

Simon: Linda! No!

Dracula: Stupid Belmont. You are too late.

(Dracula throw Linda to Simon.)

(Simon caught Linda and check on her. Then painfully realized her face was ghostly white and the bite mark on her neck.)

Simon: (Started crying) No…Linda, no…not this…

Dracula: (Evil laugh) Now you understand my pain for losing my Treasure on you!

(Simon put Linda at the side of the room, allowed her to sit against the wall.)

Simon: What kind of monster are you? How can you do this to someone that is not even a part of this!

Dracula: Your ancestor started this. Belmont. Your clan is in my debt after you took my one and only Treasure. Now, I took yours, this is a debt that finally settled.

Simon: Enough with this! What is the Treasure that so important to you? What IS he!?

(Dracula went into silent and seem to be drawing in his memories.)

Dracula: He is the only thing that I love the most. I would give up everything, anything for him. I trained him, in hope that one day, he would lead my armies to purify this world alongside with me. (Turned into extreme anger) But he, Trevor Belmont, showed up playing his Warrior of Light character. He crushed my castle, killed my servants, stole my relics. And when he came to facing that boy, that hateful Belmont temped him with empty words of justice and kindliness. He persuaded him to turn his sword toward me. He stole MY ONLY SON!!!

Simon: What!? You have a son?

: That foolish boy…He asked me to stop my plan in remaking this world. He asked me to live in peace with him. How can I ever live in peace when I recall you human executed my wife as a witch every time I close my eyes!

: What the…Oh no…

Dracula: This is a debt that can never get paid. This is the war that can never end! My sorrow and hatred knows no end. My revenge will never stop. Not until I rid you human from this earth!

Simon: And for this you turn to someone that has absolutely nothing to do with this? I understand now. You son left you because he knows well of what you did! He did not want to increase any of your sin!

Dracula: Silent! Don't you talk like you know everything!

: I do not know everything, but what about your son? He asked you to live in peace with him because he knew that hatred will only create more hatred! He knows well that where this bloodstain came from, and where it is running to! Can't you see? You son tried to stop the war between you and human! He tried to find you peace!

Dracula: And how can I find peace when my bloody tears never stop? You ripped my heart open, and now you try to get away with it? No Belmont, it is not going to happen. Not until the last drop of your blood spilled and evaporated on earth!

(Simon battled Dracula. Dracula was defeated, but Simon was badly injured.)

Dracula: I will not…forgive…I will always come back…for my vengeance…

: Come back whenever you want. Even if I am not able to fight, my descendants will take this whip.

Dracula: Belmont…Ahh Belmont…you always follow the call of your bloodline…I jealous you.

: You shouldn't. Your son left you because his love for you. You can find peace as long as you let go of this hatred, but you refused to do so. I believe that at the day you gave up your vengeance, you son will come back to you.

Dracula: I cannot. How can I…How should I…Lisa…

(Dracula disappear in a cloud of dark mist.)

I bet you can see this coming. Next post should end this story.
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In other words, the Epilogue  :)
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Act 13: Out of the castle

(Simon went back to Linda. He kneeled beside her and started crying.)

Simon: Linda…Sorry I could not protect you…

(Simon noticed when White Wolf approached. He looked at White Wolf helplessly.)

(White Wolf came close to Linda and used his nose to touch her neck.)

: What?

(Simon search in Linda's clothes and found the rosary he gave her. The rosary was quietly glowing.)

(Simon was surprised and checked on her pulse and breath. He found her still breathing, and still had weak heartbeat.)

Simon: She is still alive! (Turned to White Wolf.) What should I do?

(White Wolf looked at the bloody wound on his arm.)

Simon: My blood?

White Wolf: Woof!

(Simon hurried and dropped his blood into Linda's mouth. Then he smeared his blood on Linda's bite wound.)

(A cloud of dark mist came out from Linda's mouth and bite wound. After the dark cloud disappeared, Linda's face came back to life. Linda's bite wound healed by itself.)

Simon: Linda, Oh my God! (Held Linda within his arms.) Linda…Linda…

(Linda slowly opened her eyes. First she looked around with panic, then she realized Simon was sitting beside her.)

(Linda started crying.)

Linda: Simon…it’s you…where…where am I?

Simon: You are in Dracula's castle, but don't worry. Dracula is defeated, I am here for you.

Linda: Simon. I believed in you. When they captured me, I know you will come for me.

(They held each other tight for a while.)

(The castle started crumbling.)

Linda: What is happening?

Simon: It seems the castle is collapsing down. We got to go!

White Wolf: Woof!

(White Wolf stood in a position that looked like it is ready to run.)

Linda: What is it?

Simon: Most likely an ally. It helped me, and now it seems it wants to help us.

(Simon put Linda on White Wolf's back, then he ride on it, holding Linda in his arm and held on to White Wolf's furs.)

(White Wolf howl to the sky, then it started running again in an amazing speed.)

(White Wolf ran through many corridors and hallways, avoided all the fallen rubbles and glasses.)

(White Wolf rushed through the Castle Gate and climbed on a nearby hill. It stood on its side, allowed Simon and Linda watched the castle collapsed completely.)

(Linda turned her face to Simone's shoulder.)

(Simon grab on White Wolf's furs.)

(White Wolf turned its back to the castle and started running.)

: Where are we going?

Simon: We are going home.

(White Wolf carried them through fields, forests, rivers and mountains, all the way back to their small village.)

 (White Wolf slowed down when they saw the village entrance.)

(Villagers soon noticed Simone's return.)

(When White Wolf arrived at the village, Priest John was waiting with all other villagers.)

Priest John: Lord Simon! We are so glad that you are back! When those demons captured Lady Linda, we feared the worst.

: That's all over now.

Priest John: Yes, we can tell, for no demons ever attack again. Lord Simon, you truly are a hero!

Simon: But I was not fight alone. I have an ally. (Looked around for White Wolf, but White Wolf was not in sight.) Where did it go?

(All the villagers helped at looking for White Wolf, but the search failed.)

Priest John
: Lord Simon. It got to be the guide of God, who was sent to assist you.

Simon: I guess so. (Hug Linda on her shoulder.) It was its help that I could save you.

(Simon and Linda kiss, all the villagers applaud)

Act 14: Ending

(A party was set for Simon and Linda's wedding. The two swear and kiss in front of Bishop and all the villagers.)

(A banquet held in the evening. Food and drinks were served, just like the night of the Coming-of-Age ritual. Except Simon and Linda are the main focuses now.)

(The couple dance on the field in front of the church, while other villagers talked about Simone's hero story.)

(White Wolf stood on a mountain hill, watching the wedding banquet from afar.)

(White Wolf then transformed into a silhouette of long silver hair and back cape.)

(The silhouette then turned into a cloud of bats and disappeared.)

OK. This is it. Is this anything you guys have in mind? I hope this story will not look too bad for you. I love CV I (Although I never make it through Medusa.)
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Never did it occur to me that the white wolf was Alucard. Interesting ending  :)