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Re: Castlevania Animated Series to be on Netflix?!
« Reply #150 on: March 09, 2017, 07:22:46 PM »
A warrior who has a job to do, and has no time for self-indulgence of the arrogant nature. Because he knows that humanity's very existence is at stake (no pun intended) should he falter in the slightest. His parents would have taught him better then to submit to arrogance. Ego is not the way of a Vampire Hunter, and we can look at Reinhardt as an example of this as he mentions to Rose about how his father taught him to never attack the weak. A man who's arrogant would not care for such a small yet equally, and very important life lesson. If Trevor was arrogant then I don't see him accepting help from Grant (a man with vengeance in his heart), Sypha (a Witch), or Alucard (the very son of humanity's most hated enemy). It doesn't make a whole lot of sense in that regard. A man who's egotistical would brush their offers of aid aside and boast that he can defeat Dracula without anyone's help (which he could since he's a Belmont and it is his destiny), but Canon-wise/story-wise it doesn't happen that way.

Or it could be simply that
a) He's arrogant by nature
b) He wound up trusting a chosen few people who wound up joining forces with him
c) He would have been suspicious af as to why there was activity in the ruins of Dracula's Castle, hence having no time to deal with Hector
d) He met Isaac with disdain as well as Hector

He wasn't picking on Hector due to his weakness, he told him to not interfere and was probably wondering wtf some random Devil Forgemaster was doing hanging around the ruins of Castlevania when there was unprecedented activity happening.
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Re: Castlevania Animated Series to be on Netflix?!
« Reply #151 on: March 13, 2017, 06:36:19 AM »
I just wanted to throw a little more optimism out their...  Everyone is talking about how terrible most video game adaptations are, almost universally referring to movies.  But have you guys actually checked out the video game web-series adaptations that have come out over the past few years?  Surprisingly, they are pretty excellent.  Actually when it comes to adapting  video games into online series, I'd say the track record is pretty great.

You guys ever watched Mortal Kombat Legacy?  If nothing else, just watch the Sub-Zero and Scorpion episode.

And though the full series is no longer available on youtube I highly recommend you hunt down Halo: Forward Unto Dawn, it's one of the best video game adaptations literally ever.

And let's also take a moment to appreciate Ardi Shankar's work.  Any punisher fans on here?  His Punisher short "Dirty Laundry" shows us how he uses violence in his work, in a way that while maybe a step above what people might expect, works in the context of what he is doing, and is not what I would call gratuitous (for the punisher anyway).

His adaptation of Dredd is even better example, if you haven't seen it you should, it is one of the most faithful comic adaptations to date, and captures the character as perfectly as any adaption ever has.

Hopefully this will make some people feel better, and get the already hyped, ever more hyped.  Optimism out.
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Dracula was not always a monster. He was once a man named Mathias Cronqvist. A flawed, conflicted, genius of a man. How did the educated, aristocratic, crusader who piously served the church become a vampire, and eventually the Dark Lord himself, the opposing force to God? From a very young age terrors and tragedy shaped the man into the king of all evil. This is his story.

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Re: Castlevania Animated Series to be on Netflix?!
« Reply #152 on: March 16, 2017, 06:16:17 PM »
wat those examples dont even have a fraction of the genius and uniqueness the Castlevania series have.  it's so much easier to mess a Castlevania tv series up, like considering even LoS games are an example how western developers don't even have a clue what makes Castlevania, castlevania, and are blind to the lines that determine innovation that is acceptable, and fundamentals that are essential for the series to be genuine to the source material and deserve the Castlevania brand.
the LoS developers didn't even respect the canon timeline, they attempted to just reboot the series, which is wasteful and offensive to developers that made the previous Castlevanias that already established a foundation to build on.

one good example of a developer that understood Castlevania (at least the metroidvania kind) more than others outside of IGA, are the developers of Circle of the Moon, which fans may argue is not canon, but still regarded as a worthy Castlevania.   and while Castlevania Legends had some story flaws that conflicted with certain historical and relations things, it still is a worthy Castlevania that can stand as its own reality and timeline.

and I seen both the animated MK series and live action MK series, and they are both awful and even the movies don't accurately express the violence and atmosphere the source material is known for.   they made it too much into a soap opera, when MK is primarily about tournament fighting, and if not that, then a more dedicated action packed conflict between realms. the street fighter and Darkstalkers shows were literally a parody of themselves, awful also.

Halo is dull sci fi that profitted from the sources its copied from such as Starship Troopers, Aliens, and other military sci fi things, it's so easy to get its fans hyped with general sci fi tropes mixed into whatever media they make.

optimism is ok,  Castlevania tv show should get room to prove itself,  though they have an opportunity to make a an outstanding series that fans could actually be hyped for, rather than something that is an embarrassment.

also, it doesn't matter if those developers played and beat every single Castlevania and still play them, they can still be clueless. Look at the developers of that Golden Axe prequel game (Beast Rider was it?),   they have the official Golden Axe arcade cabinet in their office, have history of playing the games, and what have they learned? what was their direction for the new game?

* made the game single player only (when the games were known for their local co op)
* only one playable character (and they cut Tyris Flare's hair, which is one of the stupidest design decisions ever)
* much of the budget was spent on storytelling than a game that's as replayable, cooperative and entertaining like the classics.

and that game was a disaster, those devs aren't heard from again.  and they had the nerve before launch saying that if the game sells well, they will add co op to the sequel.  WTF.    totally clueless developers that favored graphics, narrative and cinematics over game series fundamentals.

so yea, it's natural for Castlevania fans to not be so thrilled about the tv series unless it proves to be something significant and Castlevania faithful, and have the right direction to make Castlevania even more celebrated.