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General Castlevania Discussion / Re: Nocturne release date announced
« Last post by zangetsu468 on Yesterday at 03:17:53 PM »
Legends say they’ll break the 4th wall by resurrecting Richard Pryor to play Dracula… 🦇 🕯️ ⚰️ 🕯️ 🦇 #DracWash
General Castlevania Discussion / Re: Nocturne release date announced
« Last post by Flame on Yesterday at 02:34:29 PM »
I've always been pretty forgiving about artistic liberty, as long as i enjoy the ultimate work.

I can't say I'm feeling any which way about this tbh. If this is setting up rondo, im not sure why they felt it was needed, other than to drag out Richter's arc. Which means most of the season will be original, which is ok, but yknow, why bother then. Might as well take some of the side Belmonts who dont have a lot going on and use them for original stories. if its just a massively deviated Rondo, then Im not sure I get that either.

I get the feeling that they simply don't want to keep using Dracula unlike the games, because it cheapens him as a character. it's something you can get away with in an NES/SNES game series with little story, based on old B movies which themselves had really loose continuity, with belmonts all being pretty interchangeable, but when you have a proper narrative structure, it becomes kind of an issue to bring him back after you've already written him in a specific way and kind of ended his arc. Which is their own fault if they wrote themselves into that corner. I wonder if they will find a way to shoehorn Dracula into what so far, seems like a plot devoid of him.

my guess is they'll instead find a way to convolute him back in a Symphony adaptation. hell, with how they changed death, and with Death showing up in Symphony in the way he does, I wouldn't be surprised if they give him a greater role in that. Some plot between Shaft and Death.

Either way, we'll see how this goes.

also it has to be said

It's not like they're race-swapping for no reason whatsoever, given the time period they arguably have better reasons for the ethnicity changes than they did in the original.
They raceswap because it's Netflix. A California based production company, with all that implies and carries with it. If there is not at least one (or more) raceswapped significant character(s) or subversive element (such as religion bashing) it just wont get made at all.
General Castlevania Discussion / Re: Castlevania 64 Promo Stickers
« Last post by LuxKiller65 on September 24, 2023, 05:21:50 AM »
given out at shops in japan back then
Off Topic / Re: Music you've been digging lately
« Last post by Abnormal Freak on September 23, 2023, 05:48:09 PM »
EOS has some good stuff. Only really heard Crimson and Purgatory Afterglow, but by far the best song I've heard from them is "Twilight". Like that's a top ten death metal song for me.

Just stumbled on this band Wargasm, digging this song a lot. It's like early 2000s electroindustrial-tinged nu-metal mixed with Lords of Acid and digital hardcore. And the singer's cute and sounds a bit like Poppy.

Hardcore Gaming 101 / Re: What game(s) have you been playing lately?
« Last post by JR on September 22, 2023, 10:55:47 PM »
I just recently got my custom racing arcade cabinet set up, so I've been playing lots of AB Cop. I want whatever drugs were involved in the making of this game; I can't even begin to explain it, but it's crazy in a hilarious way. The bikini girl in a dog kennel being held captive by a circus clown is the most wtf moment for me.  :-X

Played a lot of Turbo Outrun, too. It's not as brutally hard as Outrun was, but the turbo button may as well be the "hold my beer" button, because it'll definitely cause wrecks, lol.

Also got a PC with an external drive specifically for lightgun games on my TV. Played through Time Crisis and the first two HotD games so far. Still trying to get my lightguns to work for Operation Wolf and HotD remake though.  :-\

Also just bought the most recent Getsu Fuuma Den and Ghosts N Goblins Resurrection. Plan on starting one of those soon. 
Off Topic / Re: Music you've been digging lately
« Last post by JR on September 22, 2023, 10:31:34 PM »

Just decided to give Edge of Sanity's older stuff a spin after listening to their stuff previously and being pretty meh about it. This album was pretty good, but Sacrificed is an absolute gem. It's as if Sisters of Mercy and Gargoyle Sox had a baby, lol. Imagine finding a solid, straight-up gothic rock song tucked away in a melodic death metal album  ;D
Off Topic / Re: What anime are you currently watching....
« Last post by JR on September 22, 2023, 10:25:05 PM »
Watched the new Bastard on Netflix. Really liked it up until the last 5 episodes or so, as it just got tedious, and they introduced some wonky CGI animation, and I say fuck that shit completely. Looking forward to season 2, though. Surprised the twittards haven't discovered it yet, because hoo boy does this have a lot of questionable content, and I'm here for it.

I tried to watch it for a while, and the first episodes seemed interesting, but it got a bit too formulaic over time.

Just watched all of DBZ Abridged again recently. My brother-in-law died a year ago, and I remember him introducing me to it, so I think that's what brought me back to it. The Cell Saga is hilarious. I also like how, despite being a parody, they made a few of the dramatic scenes carry even more weight. Gohan going SSJ2 in particular. I just wished they would've done the Buu Saga and completed the entire series. I guess I could still watch their dubs of the movies, but, ugh, it's hard to get into the movies.
« Last post by Migami Games on September 21, 2023, 06:52:22 AM »
What is the general gap of time expected from when this game launches on Steam to when it could launch on Switch? I'm excited to jump back into a Migavania, and I'm more of a console person than PC person. All the same, continued luck. Know that your work is anticipated and appreciated!

It's hard to say exactly what the gaps will be, but they shouldn't be nearly as long as was the case with Wallachia. Right now here is what we are looking at for platforms and estimated costs.

Nintendo Switch w/physicals
PS4/5 w/physicals
Xbox (digital only but Gamepass is being considered)

Chronicles of the Wolf will likely be sold for around $19.99 digitally with a planned Migami Monsterverse bundle that will include Wallachia: Reign of Dracula and Chronicles of the Wolf for $24.99 digitally.

The game is very large and most people will get a lot of gameplay out of it.

For the soundtrack it has been determined that it would be impossible to fit it all on vinyl without it costing a fortune and being at minimum 4 discs, so for COTW compact disc will be the only physical for the OST. We will be much faster with getting it onto Spotify this time though!

We are hoping to still make the last quarter of 23 but it's possible we could run a little behind. We both have been struck with some very difficult real life stuff which is making our home stretch of development very arduous.

But just know that the game has been testing very well! It will be worth the time! 🙂

General Castlevania Discussion / Re: Nocturne release date announced
« Last post by Gunlord on September 20, 2023, 06:17:50 PM »
That is a cool ad :D :D
General Castlevania Discussion / Re: Nocturne release date announced
« Last post by Reinhart77 on September 20, 2023, 05:01:59 PM »
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