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My ideas for a new game
« on: October 11, 2019, 08:17:19 PM »
I had a dream/nightmare a few days ago about a theoretical castlevania game and i thought i would share it with you all

It takes place around 100 years after Lament of Innocent (i hesitate to give an exact year; i liked Order of Ecclesia’s approach of leaving it ambiguous) and will feature no Belmonts at all. As you know this part of the timeline is completely empty & ripe for Castlevania stories. There are centuries between Lament & CV3. If not a game then perhaps this story can serve as a limited comic book or something

Anyway, Mathias, now going by the name of Vlad, has been wandering virtually aimlessly throughout Wallachia, still struggling to fully grasp his new powers. He hasn’t aged much if at all. He wishes to attend Scholomance, where he could enhance his magic and, more importantly, gain complete & utter control over the dark realm. He is not the only vampire lord around.

He befriends a young man, the same man that becomes his Librarian from Symphony of the Night. This man acts as bookeeper for Scholomance, and is very loyal to his profession. Count Olrox, the headmaster of the school, refuses his entry as he views Vlad’s ownership of the Crimson Stone as blasphemy and unnatural for a vampire’s progression (ironic.. perhaps he is jealous)

The Librarian informs him that Olrox has already chosen candidates, or Solomonari, for this semester. Vlad then seeks to destroy & consume these candidates. This is where the game “officially” begins.

He does not yet harbor a hatred for humanity, which is further shown when along the way he befriends an orphan girl named Ioana. He becomes protective of the girl as he sees her as another “victim of God.” She periodically aids him on his journey to destroy the Solomonari, mirroring Maria’s role in Rondo of Blood. Olrox learns of this girl accompanying Vlad & sees her as his weakness, therefore he sends his emissaries to kidnap her. Enraged, he storms Scholomance & after an extremely difficult journey, he confronts Olrox. Olrox informs him that he requires an innocent sacrifice to unleash the “King of the Underworld,” as Vlad’s actions against the Solomonari cannot be tolerated (this Demon King and Olrox have been plotting to recruit generals for some time now & conquer earth, and this centuries-old plan is almost complete). He also wishes to steal his Crimson Stone. They battle, and upon victory Vlad absorbs Olrox’ soul. The power imbalance at the cursed school creates a vortex, sucking Vlad & Ioana within.

There, he is confronted by none other than Galamoth. Olrox was his vessel on earth, and he can’t allow Vlad to ruin his plan. This will be the final battle of the game. Dracula unleashes the Power of Dominance upon Galamoth, gaining control of the source of The Abyss, Chaos. Death appears & informs him that in order to escape this realm & return to earth, Vlad comes to the realization that he himself must sacrifice Ioana, the only person he swore to protect. He reluctantly kills her, breaking the seal & returning to Scholomance.

The school is on the verge of destruction. The Librarian desperately begs for him to stop it, as the school contains thousands of magical books & incantations collected over the centuries.

Vlad tells him not to worry, for everything will be preserved in his own castle fortress that he will build. He offers the Librarian dominion over these precious relics, and he accepts. The game ends with Vlad mourning his actions he took against Ioana but vows to introduce others rejected by God to his teachings. He sets off towards Transylvania as the twilight sun sets in the distance.

Combat-wise, it borrows heavily from Aria/Dawn of Sorrow but much more balanced, since the game will focus on his Power of Dominance. Absorbing demons, vampire souls, etc. It also brings back the idea of multiple castles as seen in Belmont’s Revenge. The castle areas play out like metroidvanias as you would expect & the linear pathways in between will play as classic platformers. It will be seen as a blend of Order of Ecclesia & Belmont’s Revenge. The subtitle would be “Prelude of Solace” or something like that

That’s all i got