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Lords of shadow 2 is on it's way Hayoam26573693
Castlevania : A new game Soon ? Jbetbrice2811377
PS VITA- Castlevania: Souls of Sorrow (Cover Artwork Box)djrunza4623755
Castlevania: Souls of Sorrow (Chapter 2: Uninvited Guest)djrunza137742
Which is Better ?Hayoam4414587
Castlevania: Souls of Sorrow (Chapter 1: The Twist of Fate)djrunza37616
Selling PoR Prototype Cartridge (Closed Topic)retrogamesuk2812658
PS VITA- Castlevania: Souls of Sorrowdjrunza1310564
Castlevania III is pretty hardcore. Anyone else think so?TormentedBelmont2714583
Story for Castlevania for the next Gen systems. Fan story. Cage13754883
Interview with Kinuyo Yamashita, the composer of the first castlevaniaModo7167396
My music rendorationsOmegasigma42622
Unholy Sanctuary Castlevania Parody Fan Made Game!!! WARNING In game Nudity!!!Dark Nemesis1921094
Castlevania: DraculaXX Intro, Map, and now MORE (music links inside)Jorge D. Fuentes238688
Lethal Enforcers in Castlevania World?CastlevaniaFan198112687
Castlevania Plot SuggestionDraculaFan198184883
Parasitus Ninja Zero - Castlevania style Xbox 360 Indie GameThy Gory Rory209123
Sequelitis talks about Castlevania & Simon's Quest (possibly old?)Jorge D. Fuentes168359
Castlevania-like MangaWhat is a Man?13827
Jorge's Castlevania Judgment Redesigned ArtworkJorge D. Fuentes157663
Castlevania Game and Nazy Simbolsxxxgameplayxxx137146
Dungeon Content - Submit your Update Articles HereJorge D. Fuentes317022
Simon spins a tale... (MP3 Inside)Jorge D. Fuentes34419
Castlevania Dungeon (the Site) Errors ThreadJorge D. Fuentes4974544
Wandering the Crystal Blue...Jorge D. Fuentes54472
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