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Merkava 4 "motivational" video
« on: April 11, 2008, 12:48:18 AM »
Yeah, so I'm supposed to bring you updates and stuff about my training in the army, but right now I don't have too much to tell, plus I'm ill (I've got the flu, that's why I'm on vacation from the army) and that means my brain doesn't work right, hehehe.
Well, I'm in my Advanced Training level now, and overall am practicing non-stop in the tank. Sleeping on top of a tank is not an experience You'd likely forget, I can tell you that.
I have my own tank crew now (at least until I complete the qualification) and learn all sorts of strategies for tank-warfare.

There's this video that has been shown to us in the army probably no less than 6 times through my short service period, including the day I was recruited (in the recruitment base), the day I reached the training base, and many times on random occasions during the training.
I believe this video is quite old now (maybe 2003-2004?) but it's still cool and the tank hasn't changed much. so watch it!

Bonus video: The Tavor (TAR 21)- Just a cool Israeli weapon. My friend who serves in the Givati infantry division carries that weapon.
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