Wich Crossover would be the best?

Order of Ecclesia or CV64/Phantom Blood
1 (33.3%)
Portrait of ruin/Battle Tendacy
1 (33.3%)
Demon Castle War/Stardust Crusaders + Diamond is unbreakable
1 (33.3%)

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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure/Castlevania crossover idea?
« on: November 02, 2015, 01:15:59 AM »
As of recently i had a tought, an idea if you will: What would happen if Dio meet Dracula? what would happen if Jonathan Joestar would meet either an elderly Shanoa or an elderly Reinhart Schneider? What would happen if Jonathan Morris and Charlotte Aulin met Joseph Joestar? What if Jotaro Kujo and Josuke Higashikata joined Julius Belmont to put an end to Dracula?

All this idea seem facinating to me as both a Castlevania/JoJo's Bizarre Adventure fan-holic!

But i want your honest opinion on this kind of crossover i mean there ARE quite some forms of similarities!

I wish you luck on how you could make a Castlevania/JoJo's Bizarre Adventure crossover possible!

Just a reminder: Phantom Blood is set in the 1880, Battle Tendency is set in 1938 and Stardust crusaders is set in 1989 while Diamond is unbreakable is in the 1999!

Good P/Luck!
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