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I really wish they'd release Bloodborne on PC or maybe the Switch successor.
AM2R is a fantastic game.
1000% better than the official remake.
I definitely like it better than Zero Mission and Fusion.
I dare say I even like it better than SM.
Fan Stuff / Re: Castlevania The Lecarde Chronicles May 2013
« Last post by Aceearly1993 on June 05, 2024, 06:50:13 PM »

Microupdates on reported problems I don't know if they're sufficient.
Speaking of which, do any of you guys like the idea of having a new game embrace the soulslike formula? I've been thinking about it but im not sure it would work with CV tbh. If another big 3d game is made I'd rather have a DMC like combat, similar to LoI

Bloodborne is basically 3D SOTN done right. Other devs seem to be making the Castlevania games I'd wanna see.

I disagree with crisis on the Souls games being punishingly difficult. There's a learning curve, but once you get into the groove, they're insanely satisfying games bursting with great design, play mechanics, atmosphere, and lore. FromSoftware keeps old school Japanese game philosophy alive in the best of ways.
A lot of current anime have weird/useless collaborations in Japan and that's fine by me. It satiates the fans and give stuff for the hard core ones to do (like collecting those coasters/ whatever that they give out in collaboration cafes).
If the vania collabs brings in the money, I just hope Konami puts it in developing something new.

No harm in keeping the dream alive; I joke on it a LOT nowadays, but I feel the franchise is in a holding pattern for the time being. 


And being passed around. 

At least until some highly competent folk make something that can move the series beyond the Dracula X series which ran from 1993 to 1997 and became the entire identity of CastleVania like the multitude of excellent CastleVania 1 remakes were before that. 
Empty collaborations reek of a PachinKonami sacrificing their once beloved franchise harder than Griffith sacrificed the original Band of the Hawk/ Falcon… 🏹 🦅💥🩸



Hey wasn't that Buff Crow Lady like a BERSERK DLC for the kind-of CastleVania cartoon anyhow?
General Castlevania Discussion / Re: NEW CASTLEVANIA-ISH ANNOUNCED!!!
« Last post by Eric Roman on June 04, 2024, 08:43:20 PM »
d'oh he said it

::presses plus sign beside User glyph::
You might not know it from, you know, just playing the demo.
But Dread is a really okay game.  The EMMI segments brought it way down.  They killed the flow of it.  The music was pretty lacking too.  MercurySteam just has a knack for doing great surface-level work while missing the heart and sould of a game.

Super Metroid and Symphony of the Night really are the best, but Aria of Sorrow is pretty great too.  Same with Metroid: Zero Mission and AM2R, and maybe Dawn of Sorrow.  I've played around 70 Metroidvanias, and I don't think anything else is up there with those.
Hardcore Gaming 101 / Re: What game(s) have you been playing lately?
« Last post by Eric Roman on June 01, 2024, 09:17:17 PM »
Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA MegaMix+ all of the time since buying it in January on a lark; I was never one for the Rhythm Game genre, but I'd been aware enough of many things Miku that I figured why the hell not?  It seemed worth passively playing around with it at the very least. 

Then I quickly discovered I really liked it.  Found some new favorite songs with plenty of interesting videos, got good at them, and so began my exploration of the VOCALOID subculture story thus far.

PDMM+ also got me figuring out how to capture video on my Steam Deck, which got me mashing videos from Apple Clips to iMovie (on the phone) until going all-in with Final Cut Pro (on desktop). 

This led to me putting together old videos and putting them out... 

Along the way I figured out some other Steam Deck customizations and most recently figured out how to mod the game and, dude, it's just made so much fun possible

Further evidence how the Steam Deck is the best hundreds of dollars I ever spent and how Project DIVA MegaMix+ was worth every penny. 

I love this shit. 

Game of the Year 2024.
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