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My favorite game music composer is Iku Mizutani. I'd absolutely love to hear him try to create some Castlevania music. His sound and style is very specific and I think he could make some incredible tunes. He started off early on actually with Konami working on games like Rush N Attack and Metal Gear MSX so his tone could definitely fit with the Konami sound.
Hardcore Gaming 101 / Racist Mario
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I tried not to laugh out loud at some of the reaction vids about this animation as my mom was still asleep.
Dance With The Dead
Sorry, can you give me the name of the video? because i cant watch it on this page.

The title is "The Eighth Deadly Sin"
That depends on which continent we're talking about.

If we're going with Japan, then I can easily see composers from Square-Enix or Capcom taking a stab at it. Case in point for Square, other than the aforementioned Uematsu, Yoko Shimomura can step in herself in a manner similar to how she provided music for Parasite Eve or LIVE-A-ヨVI」 (both the original and its remake). We could also take a stab at any of the main composers from Devil May Cry, considering their blends of atmospheric orchestral music and heavy metal.

For Europe, there's quite a few composers that can work out for this series. Allister Brimble for instance has done such work, especially with his professional work with chiptunes, like with Ghosts 'n Goblins on GBC. On top of that, he also did work with Konami for New International Track & Field on DS. There's also Peter Connelly, who worked on three of the Tomb Raider games, Tim Folin who is in a similar boat as Brimble for his chiptune work, and of course Grant Kirkhope of Banjo-Kazooie fame.

For the US, well the most obvious choices would be Tee Lopes and Jake Kaufman, due to their mixing of genres in their works. Ither than those two, I can see a few film composers involved in the series who can tie into the origins as an homage to the older monster movies that inspired Castlevania in the first place. The first two off the top of my head being Michael Giacchino (Medal of Honor, Jurassic Park, a good amount of Disney and Pixar films), Harry Gregson-Williams (Metal Gear series), and Danny Elfman (most of Tim Burton's works).

Of course let's not forget Chernabogue and the guys from OC Remix.

Here you go. Taken directly from Chernabogue's YouTube

Sorry, can you give me the name of the video? because i cant watch it on this page.
Cam you give me a link with that version?

Here you go. Taken directly from Chernabogue's YouTube
Yes please. And a link to all the other music used in the above video too  ;D

I dont have the links of the tracks at hand (i finished all this 5 months ago, but., because of personal problems, i released it this week) but i made a list with the youtube author or where i got the tracks

Some tracks are part of medleys, or 4 o 5 tracks in one video, for example, linux burns one:

or vision from dark secrets is part of a circle of the moon full ost cover

But with this list, you have an idea how to find them

youtube authors channels

"01 - Konami Logo   -----   author: The Native Dialect

"02 - The Beating in Darkness (Title Theme)   -----   author:  Linux Burns

"03 - A Vision of Dark Secrets (Opening Theme)   -----   author: jattello

"04 - Bonds of Brave Men (Character Selection)   -----   author:  Linux Burns

"06 - Mysterious Curse (Password)   -----   author:  Linux Burns   

"08 - Reincarnated Soul, Part 2 (Stage 1)   -----   author:  ElroxVGC

"10 - The Sinking Old Sanctuary (Stage 2)   -----   author: Remastered VGM

"11 - The Sinking Old Sanctuary (Stage 2 - 2nd section)   -----   author: Andrew Malefice

"12 - The Discolored Wall (Stage 3)   -----   author:  Egotisticmaniac

"13 - The Discolored Wall (Stage 3 - 2nd section)   -----   author: DavidKBD Videogame Metal Covers

"17 - The Prayer of a Tragic Queen (Stage 5 - 2nd section)   -----   author: Fredrik Enochson

"18 - Calling From Heaven (Stage 6)   -----   author:  qwertine

"19 - Calling From Heaven (Stage 6 - 2nd section)   -----   author:  ansgaros

"21 - After the Good Fight (Game Over)   -----   author: Adam Harris

"22 - Pressure (Invincibility)   -----   author: Yuta Romeo

"27 - Messenger From Devil (Area Boss Theme)   -----   author:  Bruno Shinkou (GuitarDreamer)

"36 - Together Forever (Ending Theme)   -----   author: Pablo Diego Di Martino

"37 - Requiem for the Nameless Victims (Staff Roll)   -----   author:  Ephesian Zap

From other official castlevania games and OST releases:

"05 - Arduous Journey (Map Theme)   -----   author: Castlevania Judgment ost

"23 - Beginning (Classic Tune 1)   -----   author: Castlevania R.O.B ost
"24 - Bloody Tears (Classic Tune 2)   -----   author: Castlevania R.O.B ost

"25 - Vampire Killer (Classic Tune 3)   -----   author: Castlevania R.O.B ost

"26 - Nothing to Lose (Stage 1D)   -----   author:  Super Smash Bros Ultimate ost

"28 - The Six Servants of the Devil (Stage Boss Theme)   -----   author: castlevania R.O.B ost

"29 - Theme of Simon (Classic Tune 4)   -----   author: Castlevania P.O.R ost

"30 - The Vampire's Stomach (Final Boss Theme)   -----   author: Michiru Yamane's Autobiography Arrange

From Fan ost releases:

"09 - Reincarnated Soul, Part 2 (Stage 1 2nd section)   -----   author: Naoto Shibata Project

"14 - Iron-Blue Intention (Stage 4)   -----   author: Dartz Soryu Portrait of Ruin Remastered soundtrack

"15 - Iron-Blue Intention (Stage 4 2nd section)   -----   author:  DrManhattan "Dwelling of Duels"

"16 - The Prayer of a Tragic Queen (Stage 5)   -----   author: Fawzi Allouache ost "tears of pain"
Yes please. And a link to all the other music used in the above video too  ;D
What about the version in Vampire Variations?

Cam you give me a link with that version?
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