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« Reply #60 on: November 24, 2023, 05:44:56 PM »
Is @Emppixel from Wallachia doing any work on Chronicles of the Wolf? Just curious. Wallachia really is a beautiful game--both backgrounds and sprites. And I didn't pick up on the Sonia Belmont connection before (I can see it now), but even so, Elcin is a really cool character. I don't even need the Miriam skin because the default design is that good. I'll keep an eye out for the supernatural hints near the end. Got to Stage 7 today.

Wallachia is growing on me more by itself. Little things like collecting life extensions in levels, blocking projectiles with the sword, or learning which arrows to use in certain scenarios add more depth than just an arcade run-and-gun shooter. And Stage 6--the platforming in that was definitely not a simple arcade shooter; lots of thinking needed. Also, while I've only gotten 60 gems once, I can pretty steadily get to 30 at least once per level. Maybe the wolf could have been 20 and Radu starts the 30, could have been an alternative. All the same, this is just a game that you have to return to more to understand its nuances. I can see it being in my rotation for a while with the different modes/variations it has. Especially now that the pressure is off to do a perfect run of seven levels to experience it all. looks so good!
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