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yea its ancient game to people that been there done that, but it's still one of the greatest fan games and versions of Reimu in Castlevania

I like how they made her more Belmont hunter style instead of plain Reimu

And I like how they gave Stella and Loretta more human animations, like it would have been intended for PoR's Sisters mode if they had the time to give them proper animations that are natural for them before they became vampires, so their gameplay is more like a hunter.

it's also cool how Shanoa in the game has her black hair for the sprite instead of brown. its strange when sprites hair don't match their official art/design. 

Serio's Castlevania Fighter really brings out more of the potential for the series, and nightmare mode is soooo epic, perfect speed and pacing to it too.   

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Re: Castlevania Reimu is a masterpiece, as is Stella, Loretta, etc.
« Reply #1 on: October 09, 2016, 08:33:40 PM »
I like how SotN Maria is playable in this game.

That's all I really have to add.