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Castlevania: Souls Of Sorrow (Chapter 5: She-Warrior)
« on: December 15, 2012, 12:42:12 AM »
Chapter 5 (She-Warrior)

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Soma, Julius, Elder Jonathan and Elder Charlotte exploring throughout the castle and they reach to the place called “Forest of Madness”. There is where Soma and the rest will be facing against the 7th Divisions of the 7 Immortal Vampires, Zamelia. Before facing any Divisions of the 7 Immortal Vampires, there are always some secondary bosses such as Peeping Eye, Medusa, Cyclops, Big Bat, etc. Here comes the conversation between Soma, Julius, Elder Jonathan, Elder Charlotte and Zamelia for the first time in one room during before and after fighting.

Soma Cruz: Everyone, be prepare for facing our upcoming enemy.

Elder Jonathan: Geez, this forest is seriously making me wanna puke! Ooorgh! The smell….

Elder Charlotte Aulin: I can sense something powerful is coming to us. Be ready!

Julius Belmont: …Hmph!....Here she comes!

Elder Jonathan Morris: What?! She?!

Zamelia: HAHAHAHAHA. WELCOME! TO MY FOREST! Did you enjoy yourself exploring my home?

Soma Cruz: Neither of it. We came here all along is to destroy demons like you!

Zamelia: …What did you just…called me? You called me a….DEMON?! *Zamelia starting to cry with her frown expression on her face*

Soma Cruz: …

Elder Jonathan Morris: Uh-oh, she’s getting mad.

Elder Charlotte Aulin: …

Julius Belmont: YOU ARE A DEMON ZAMELIA! Look at yourself. Sacrificing your own soul just for being such a slave upon your Master and just for the sake of being a powerful creature??

Zamelia: ENOUGH! YOU FOOLS! *Zamelia’s voice is suddenly changing into a more vampiric voice, a powerful aura around her body and her eyes changing into a red color as she prepares to fight against Soma and the rest* YOU WILL FEEL THE TRUE POWER OF THE 7TH DIVISIONS OF THE 7 IMMORTAL VAMPIRES! I, ZAMELIA, SHALL DESTROY YOU ALL WITH THIS ULTIMATE FORM OF MINE!

(Zamelia has transform herself into a large demon spider-like form with her demonic large shield with a skull as a symbol of death and sword)

*Zamelia’s theme song is taken from (Devil May Cry 4- ECHIDNA)*

-After the decisive battle against the ultimate form of Zamelia. Soma, Julius, Elder Jonathan and Elder Charlotte has LEVEL UP!

Zamelia: Am I…been…defeated?

Soma Cruz: *Soma point his sword upon Zamelia’s face* Tell me, where is Mina?

Zamelia: Mina? mean that little kid? Hahahaha…Does it really matter to you? Why should I tell to a person who knows NOTHING? Hahahahaha….


Elder Charlotte Aulin: Zamelia, you’ve been defeated. Surrender yourself to the humanity and tell us where is Mina.

Zamelia: Oooooooh….Poor humans…Poor maggots!…

Soma Cruz: …

Julius Belmont: …

Elder Jonathan Morris: What?

Elder Charlotte Aulin: …

Zamelia: By killing me, does that even makes you more power than any other 6 Immortal Vampires? Just carry on your journey, as you will find out that your souls shall END WITHIN THIS CASTLE! I’ve always been stubborn…I’ve always been ego…I’ve always been evil... I’ve always wanted to save the world… I’ve always wanted to save the people!...I never thought that I would die in my own beloved home here… No!... My power of beauty shall spread to the whole world… I AM BEAUTIFUL!... AM I?!

Elder Jonathan Morris: She’s crazy! We have no much time left! Just kill her already Soma!

Julius Belmont: Hush Jonathan...

Zamelia: OOOOHHH~! My beloved King Olrox! My LUST for you will always be with you for eternity! I will always thank you forever…for saving my life!...But,….I’ve failed you!....How can I be defeated by a mere human?! Forgive me…my
love… Farewell, Chibi…

*Zamelia’s body literally burning in blue flames from ashes to ashes as Soma and his friends watching her die with crying, screaming and painful voices*


*A purple orb suddenly appears on top of Soma as it represents “LUST”*

Soma Cruz: What is this?

Julius Belmont: I’ve never seen this kind of orb before.

Elder Jonathan Morris: Neah, just take it Soma. It might be useful in the future. Who knows it does bring any benefits to us right?

Elder Charlotte Aulin: Hold on, Soma, can you hand it over to me just for a while?

Soma Cruz: Sure, here you go.

(Charlotte examining the purple orb for a few minute and she’s about to tell her friends that she knows what sort of orb it is as she had studied about the “7 SINS OF ORBS”).

Elder Charlotte Aulin: *Shock expression* It can’t be…

Soma Cruz: What is it Charlotte?

Julius Belmont: Speak.

Elder Charlotte Aulin: As I’ve read throughout some several historical books, I’ve studied about some sort of a powerful deadly orb that can be able to activate “something” more powerful than we’ve ever can imagine.

Elder Jonathan Morris: Uh huh? So you are trying to say that this orb brings bad luck to those who possess it or something?

Elder Charlotte Aulin: Well, I’m not sure about that Jonathan. One more thing, this orb is been categorized as one of the lists of the “7 SINS OF ORBS”.

Soma Cruz: What?! So should I keep this orb or…

Elder Charlotte Aulin: I guess its better for me to keep it because once we heading back to our hideout, I’ll begin my research about that orb.

Julius Belmont: Hmm…Sounds interesting yet I’ve got a bad feeling about this…

Soma Cruz: There you go.

Elder Charlotte Aulin: Soma…

Soma Cruz: What is it Charlotte?

Elder Charlotte Aulin: ..I’m sorry if you couldn’t be able to find out where Mina is, still.

Soma Cruz: It’s ok Charlotte, its not your fault, and neither of us are in fault. I know, I do believe myself that I WILL find Mina eventually. And I’m definitely feel confident about that for sure.

Elder Charlotte Aulin: Thank you Soma.

Julius Belmont: Let’s go back to the hideout shall we?

Elder Jonathan Morris: 1 down, 6 more to go. Let’s go!

*Elder Charlotte cast a large spell on the ground to transport her and the others back to the hideout*

End of Chapter 5
*New ‘Gallery’ has been unlocked in the main menu.*

Don't hesitate to drop by some comments, feedbacks and ideas about the storyline of Castlevania: Souls Of Sorrow Chapter 5.  ;D