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Title: Dragon Ball AF- The Return of the Shadow Dragon King, SHENRON
Post by: djrunza on April 28, 2012, 04:22:18 AM
Obviously it was fan-made by myself when i was in a boredom in a while ago and i literally decided myself to change his original picture into a brand new ultimate true form of "Demon Shadow Dragon King Shenron". the design editing was inspired by the Demon King, Nobunaga Oda from Sengoku Basara ;)

Plus, i am a big fan of this bad ass villain character, Shenron, and i would love to see Shenron return once again with a more demonic texture, structure, color, etc. and even way more powerful than he use to be before. Apparently, these two images shows about the Final Saga and the Final Battle once again with the return of the Shadow Dragon King, Shenron for Dragon Ball AF!

P/S: Would be really appreciate it if you guys could drop some comments at the comment box section. Thanks! :)



Dragon Ball- Shenron's Return (