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Title: Wikinside - Web Series (Video + Music/Album, by me!)
Post by: Chernabogue on July 31, 2012, 06:10:08 AM
Wikinside Demo (

Wikinside is a short series I made with friends in 2011-2012 (our association: FFL Production ( 21 episodes and almost 2h30 of video.

It tells the story of Victor, a dumb and lazy student, who arrives in the world of Wikipedia, a world full of culture. He encounters The Legend, an entity possessing all knowledge, and Pandora, a young girl with a mystical box, who will try to help him to go back to his world. However, Victor will face several challenges: he will fight a vampire (Orlok), medieval kings and other deadly threats.

Note: Everything's in French, but we're working on English subtitles. ;)

Trailer 1 with English Subs
Wikinside - Trailer 1 (

Trailer 2 with English Subs
Wikinside - Trailer 2.mp4 (

You can watch all the episodes here:
- Website (
- DailyMotion (
- YouTube (

I composed the music (60 tracks and almost 65 minutes of music) and here's a demo of the soundtrack FOR FREE!! (You can pay if you want, it'll give us more money to realize our new projects for 2012, lolol). I was influenced by VG music, metal bands and soundtracks in general. It features 22 tracks from the series, plus 1 bonus track! And the "End Credits" tune has live rocking guitars recorded by the man, BONKERS!!

All the music can be found here for free: BandCamp (!!

Enjoy! ;)