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Title: SNES metal
Post by: Abnormal Freak on August 13, 2013, 03:08:58 PM
So one of my favorite metal bands (I'm not big into metal anymore but still dig some bands), !T.O.O.H.!—which is short for The Obliteration of Humanity—released their new album, Democratic Solution today, for free download (!T.O.O.H.!

It's super goofy because I think it's all synthetic sounds, no real instrumentation. At times it gives me a bit of a Super Nintendo sound vibe; it's almost as if somebody used a SNES chip and sound library to create a metal album.

It's a huge departure from their previous albums. These dudes (a brother duo) are/were like virtuosos of their instruments, but I hear the vocalist/guitarist/head songwriter has been having some major mental issues and can't play guitar anymore due to fatigue and all that.

Here's a song from their previous album (which had a rhythm guitarist and bassist to give it a full band sound):

!T.O.O.H.! - Analyza Záhnědy (

Incredibly played, well-recorded, all that. They split up immediately after the album came out, however, because Earache dropped them and put the album out of print like two months after release.

And here's the opening track from their latest:

!T.O.O.H.! - Právo (

The !T.O.O.H.! sound is still there, but obviously quite different. More synthetic sounding, less crazy, although still manic.

Anyway, it's free, so, give it a shot and tell me how much you hate it, ha ha.
Title: Re: SNES metal
Post by: Dracula9 on August 13, 2013, 09:37:06 PM
Thanks for sharing, this is fucking awesome.