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Title: Amp comparison tone tests....what mix do you prefer?
Post by: BMC_War Machine on March 03, 2015, 08:25:50 PM
Hey folks  ;D i was messin around with some of my guitar equipment tonight and found some new settings that differ from my usual settings, but as soon as i found them out i HAD to record a comparison vid haha.  So, even if you're not a musician i dont care, this isn't one of those "ok, if you can't play you can't gimme input" type of threads (you'll NEVER see those from me  ;D ) please give this a listen and let me know mix 1 through 3 which was your favorite.  What im doing is, in a nutshell comparing what is "supposed" to sound like something high end vs something that is being "tricked" into thinking it's high end, if that makes any sense lol. (

Thanks and hope you all dig it!  The song is not and original of mine, i can't take credit for the track, only for the playing and mixing  8)