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Fan Stuff / Re: Castlevania Legends NES (ROM Hack)
« Last post by X on March 12, 2018, 06:14:52 PM »
If I was you I would be grabbing a copy of this thing:

Holy s**t Corpscrank, awesome find! I bookmarked it for future reference since it doesn't look ready for release yet. Since I have ideas of my own this will be of tremendous help  8)
Fan Stuff / Re: Castlevania Legends NES (ROM Hack)
« Last post by Sinis on March 12, 2018, 04:35:02 PM »
My music guy, nesfan, pointed that out to  me and I plan on getting that sometime myself.  I asked the creators on Facebook about the music formats and they said that they will eventually get around to the program using the actual stuff from FamiTracker ported on over to the game itself.

I already have about 7 projects written down for when I can buy it.  Going to see about doing a homebrew remake of Simon's Quest but with my own take on it.  I know that everyone wants to do a remake of it however I have my own in depth plans to make this one stand out among the rest :)
Fan Stuff / Re: Castlevania Legends NES (ROM Hack)
« Last post by Corpsecrank on March 12, 2018, 11:11:12 AM »
If I was you I would be grabbing a copy of this thing:

Not only do you get to skip learning to write assembly for the money you can't really beat it. This makes putting together projects like this one a piece of cake and it outputs a rom that can be flashed and played on the original hardware even.

Just saying this might really lighten the amount of work needed to be done even re-writing this one from scratch and for ultra cheap.
HoD should have just been an online mode for a new Metroidvania.  There's nothing really inherently wrong with it, it does what it sets out to do well, it just feels so small.  Much more like one piece of a whole than a complete product.
I like how Dracula can seduce chicks in HoD
@Dracula9 I agree with your comments on how Despair is supposed to be taken ie not as CV's sliced bread, but as a "fuckit lets have some fun" game.

Also I lol'd at the image, especially the boss stuck inside the wall cavity #lolgic
[everything affinity said]

found the fanboy with blinders on

has nothing to do with hating

has to do with i think the following setup is fucking garbage and not what i look for in a cv title (note: image is--hopefully obviously--satirical and not meant to be taken entirely seriously)

you like it? good for you, i'm happy you find enjoyment in something i myself consider to be worthless garbage that completely misses the mark of the series as a whole

but don't sit there and pull the "lol h8rs r my motiv8tors" idiocy, because you clearly are missing the point of what HD was aiming to do:

it's not "the perfect direction for the series" because it was never meant to follow the singleplayer adventures and narratives of its predecessors--it was meant to be a "sit back, have fun, don't think too hard about the logistics of it, invite your friends, enjoy tearing through the castle in a way that would clearly never happen in quite this manner in the "normal" branch of the series" kind of game, and that's exactly what it is

and--gasp--i don't happen to like what HD is or what it meant to accomplish, holy shiiiiiiiiiit batman!

you do? fantastic, i'm genuinely happy for you to find something you enjoy

i don't, and i'd appreciate you not jumping straight to the anti-hater argument bullshit just because i don't happen to like your favorite vidyagaem

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i'll take Castlevania in any shape and form i can get it in.  a game based on the netflix series would have me grinning ear to ear though.
Bloodstained Ritual of the Night is taking so long to get released, that I half wonder if we'll see a new Castlevania game before it actually gets released.  Not that I'm complaining, I'm patient, really.
haters keep hating.   Harmony of Despair is still the longest played Castlevania game ever, the most fun and replayable, also one of the greatest co-op games and fans played it on x360 and PS3.  and PS3 still has some people playing it with friends online.   ;D

so there.     Harmony of Despair is the perfect direction for the series, combining classic stage based timed Castlevania gaming, with nonlinear Rondo/IGAvania level designs, the greatest selection of playable characters, and epic 6 players co-op (and the netcode actually is one of the greatest in gaming history, especially when even some AAA games struggle to maintain 4 players co-op without lag. well yea HD is not flawless online, but over the years playing it, it's one of the most stable online experiences, even with 6 players. )

Longest played by whose quantification of time? People are still playing the original Castlevania, speedruns and lets plays are a thing, so is retro gaming. Longest played also =/= most successful. LOS is the most commercially successful CV game, which in the long run didn't necessarily benefit the series or itself overall.

I don't believe people are "hating", they're just not necessarily looking for what's already been done. Despair's redeeming factor is that it potentially peaks consumers' interest in other games throughout the series. However, there hasn't been a new classicvania or Igavania out in a very long time and this also isn't the generation where anyone but retrogamers wants to hunt down several past gen consoles and spend copious amounts of money to play old games. The age of technology is the age of ease, consumers demand mobility and accessibility, not because they're demanding, but because this is commonly offered with mobile technology.

The smart thing to do and test the waters is to offer a CV collection as one whole game for the switch. That way the portability aspect is covered, and covers consumers not having to buy games online across several consoles. If they include an updated version of Despair, then great. But I don't feel it will be purely centred around Despair, because it's not what made Castlevania what it is, nor is it the core of the original franchise.
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