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I need Cosplay Help!
« on: August 13, 2018, 05:13:08 PM »
As the thread title says, I need some cosplay help.

As you guys may or may not have heard, Simon Belmont AND Richter Belmont are coming to Sma5h Bros.
Now, I already have a Simon Belmont costume, but it's the 'pretty boy' Simon Belmont from Chronicles (I got it for a good price but it's showing its age).  I don't have a Richter costume.

I have a convention coming up that I am not sure I will be able to compile a costume for.  It's in September so during that season it's hot in my neck of the woods, so I was hoping that I can grab some pieces of leather armor and fenagle myself a Simon Belmont armor.  Here's what I would need:

-The breastplate
-the shoulder pauldron
-the waist armor and belt

Here are optional items that I either have in some form or another, or can sorta kinda get:
-wristpads ( have some from the Trevor Belmont Netflix costume)
-additional belts and holsters (I have them from other costumes)
-satchel (already have one - it's good to hold a phone or a battery pack or your keys or your wallet)

Here's what I don't need:
-the headband/circlet (I fashioned one from something already)
-No Subweapons (I have all of them except the Super Fist because LOL Juste haha no)
-No Vampire Killer (I have a leather that works well and it's lightweight)

IS IT POSSIBLE TO GET THESE ITEMS BY SEPTEMBER?  That'll be up to you guys.  Whether they're real, or they're facsimiles (I'm not opposed to wearing the cheap Halloween stuff, because when combined with some real leather parts, it still does the job).

Please post links to the items that could be bought.  You guys can make this costume happen for me.  Do it, and I'll buy it and wear it. ;)

Jorge out!

PS- If you can find a link to a Richter costume that is NOT a cheapo SotN one (I've seen those) or the Dracula X Chronicles one (I'm not into such a tight costume - I prefer Rondo of Blood), I'm not against getting that but that wouldn't be for September... that'd be for either Halloween or MAGFest or something.
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