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Dr. Weil is NOT the most everlasting antagonist
« on: July 25, 2015, 11:24:44 AM »
You know, there is one thing that I find kinda annoying by the fact that Dr. Weil being the most everlasting antagonist in Dr. Weil's Megaman wiki under his 'Trivia' section is arguably, wrong. The editor who edited Dr. Weil's page totally forgotten about Dr. Wily and Sigma which were also can be known for more everlasting antagonists than Dr. Weil himself but depends on the points that I am about to point out.
Ok, how do I begin this. You see, Dr. Wily's presence over the megaman franchise is lasting up until MegaMan X series even we could only make an assumption that Serges and Isoc are indeed 100% none other than Dr. Wily in his cyborg form. Even Dr. Wily never make an appearance in Megaman X series but his image in Zero's mind still exists in a form of a shadow of Zero's memories just like Dr. Weil's presence in Megaman ZX series but in a form of Model W. Dr. Wily may be a stream of consciousness that transfers bodies as a host. This may also explain how Serges was able to build a new body for Zero despite remaining unanalyzable, how Wily possibly built Sigma a body, and how Isoc possesses such knowledge of Zero to achieve immobilization. It should be noted that upon defeating Gate with Zero, a voice coming from Isoc's shell of a body, clearly labeled as "??" proceeds to call him the strongest robot. Furthermore, Isoc's body is clearly inactive, giving credibility that Wily is a stream of consciousness. However, this might have been an act to hide his true identity. So Dr. Wily still lives up until Megaman X series but he never appeared, no? It could also be hinted that Dr. Wily or Isoc was the one who built Sigma's body during in X5.
Let's move on to Sigma, yes, Dr. Weil may be the most everlasting antagonist in the entire Megaman series, but let's not forget, Sigma continues to influence characters in future series. Characters are often preaching about creating a new world for reploids. Master Albert from MegaMan ZX Advent plan was to reset the world and create a new world for reploids. Sigma maybe dead in X8. However, Sigma's ideology still lives on. Sigma strongly believed that reploids' fullest potential has not been reached, and can be if the humans are out of the picture. Sigma used a lot of Darwinism on evolution. He also believes a new world needs to be created and the one the humans created is a failure. Sigma continues to play a major influence in the series. Master Albert similar to Sigma wanted to start the world all over again. Sigma wanted to create a new world. Albert's idea is no different except with addition to reset the world. Similar to Sigma's belief of reploid potential, Albert use model W as the fullest Megaman potential. Colonel Redips basically preached what Sigma preached. However, he used Force Metal as a way to reveal reploids' fullest potential. He also believed in reploid revolution. Lumine also preached what Sigma believed. He does not believe Sigma was crazy. Lumine also saw reploid revolution as the next step for Earth. Copy X on the other had believed in Human potential for the world and saw reploids as the problem. He pretty much switch the human's and reploid's roles in Sigma's ideology. Elpizo took a similar but opposite stance to Copy X which instead of wishing to exterminate Reploids for the good of mankind, Elpizo wanted to exterminate humans for the good of Reploids. So the Sigma's DNA is indeed inside Elpizo's copy chip. Master Thomas now believes the world must be reset. Serpent also believes that evolution always requires sacrifice and preached what Sigma preached. I'm not sure about Megaman Juno and Sera whether they believe about reploid revolution because I never play Legends game. So basically, you're actually fighting with Sigma indirectly. All in all, Sigma is depicted as the epitome of evil within the entire Megaman universe and in conclusion, Sigma is the most everlasting antagonist being "alive" during at least up until 3 series (Megaman X, Megaman Zero and Megaman ZX).
What are your thoughts?

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Re: Dr. Weil is NOT the most everlasting antagonist
« Reply #1 on: July 26, 2015, 08:35:51 AM »
Yeah Sigma's will seems to linger around throughout the X, Z and ZX series. And from what I've read about MM Legends it's obvious his dream of a world without humans succeeds. I was never fond of that nor of the post-apocalyptic theme of the Z series. I also didn't like the direction the MM X series was going after 4.
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