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Finishing up 2018 with a Game of the Week challenge
« on: November 25, 2018, 10:26:03 AM »
I play way too much Skyrim.

With over 2000 hours put in across 3 systems (PS3, Xbox One, and finally PC), I figured I should give the rest of my gaming library some love as 2018 closes.

So, starting this week and going until New Year's, I'm playing a different game each week from my Steam Library to get me off Skyrim for a while.

Week 1 (this week): RAGE
Week 2: BioShock Remastered
Week 3: The Witcher (yes, the first one)
Week 4: Brutal Legend
Week 5: Portal 2

And then in January I kick video games to the curb for the month and just read actual BOOKS.

Feel free to run your own iteration of the Game of the Week challenge! There's no mandate to play any game to completion, merely to focus on that game for a week so that you can mix up what you're playing a bit and avoid getting stuck in a rut. If you get bored playing that week's game, I guess we just... do that mysterious set of tasks known in certain mystic circles as "adulting".
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