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Soma Cruz
18 Years Old

A high-school student living in the town of Hakuba and the hero of the game.  He possesses a strangely daunting presence and  people find him difficult to approach.  On the evening of the 2035 A.D.  elcipse, Soma sets off for the Shrine of the White Horse.  The Shrine is located on a hilltop and is attached to the house of his friend Mina.  Soma and Min look foward to watching this rare astral event from the high-altitude of the Shrine, but something unsuspected happens and they are knocked unconcious.
Mina Hakuba
18 Years old

The only daughter of the shrines caretaker and head priest.  A childhood friend of Soma's,  Mina is extremely friendly and is well liked by everyone she encounters.  Though Soma has quite an intimidating personality, she gets along with him comfterbly.
Graham Jones
36 Years Old

The founder of a new religious sect with hordes of devout followers.  Born on the 7th month of the year 1999, Graham is rumored to possess magical powers.  He gains converts by preaching that the apocalyptic prophecies that were so popular  at the end of the last century will come to pass in the year 2035 A.D.
Yoko Belnades
24 Years old

Descendant from a long line of witches deployed by the Church.  Talkative and quite nosy, she has been sent by the Church to investigate the propghecy of Dracula's ressurection.  She is aquainted with Genya Arikado.
Genya Arikado
Age is Unkown

An extremely cold man with an inhumanly attractive face.  Mr. Arikado always wheres a dark suit and is said to belong to a shadowy organization somehow related to national security.  He is familiar with the prophecy of Dracula's ressurection.
55 Years Old

Suffers from amnesia that was triggered by a traumatic incident he experienced in 1999.  J possesses amazing powers of magic and is extremly fearful of the ressurection of Dracula.
34 Years Old

A soldier dispatched by the army to investigate the Hakuba Shrine.  Possesses an extremly rough personality and he only works when he feels like it.  Hammer has always wanted to retire and open his own buisiness.
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