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Waiting is all we have, but i want to believe since the new Silent Hill games announcement, that they have something similar in store for Castlevania.
Well, he took the GoW series to a whole new step from the old trilogy, so i want to believe that, since his favorite Castlevania game was Simon's Quest, he could take the 3d games in a way, like Iga did with the 2d games, when he got to make SoN.
They forgot to mention the other 3D installments of the series: CV64/LoD (being the first attempt), LoI, and finally, CoD. If this guy wants to get the IP license so he can make his dream game then he needs to separate himself from the GoW mindset that he's been doing. And I hope he steers well clear of the LoS games influence as well. To me those weren't Castlevania. They were GoW with SotC segments and sponge enemies that took too long to kill off. No thanks.
Nothing there grabs me at the moment. I'll wait some more.
General Castlevania Discussion / Re: Dracula's Curse 2022 ReMake; Just gave it a shot.
« Last post by X on January 29, 2023, 09:28:21 PM »
Oh! That reminds me. I forgot to mention that some of the stairs are incomplete  :rollseyes: The clocktower has one at the entrance to Grant's chamber. You can't climb down to the previous room unless you hop onto the stairs. That got me killed twice  :P
I'll never forgive this guy for butchering Orlok and mislabeling Cthulhu.
Rhetorical question: How many thunder and lightning effects should we include???
Game Dev: YES
General Castlevania Discussion / Dracula's Curse 2022 ReMake; Just gave it a shot.
« Last post by X on January 29, 2023, 10:38:52 AM »

Dunno if anyone else here has tried this yet. I tested this fan game last night and it was interesting to say the least. But man, did I get frustrated with how the graphics were placed. I believe this was the same fangame that I commented on a while back after having seen the video. About how the foreground graphics were not all that separate from the background graphics which would cause problems for the players. And low and behold, they had, lol. The clocktower stage was one of the areas that gave me trouble. I must have died at the exact same spot five times because of the way the background and foreground sprites were blending a little too well together. The way the gears functioned as platforms was also another matter... The next stage to do the same was the haunted ship stage. After fighting Medusa there is the segment of the ship where the floor is obscured by the ship itself, so the player could not see where the pits are or the crumbling blocks for that matter. Again I died at the exact spot about five or six times before getting lucky and making it across. The following part consisted of the jumping off the ship's masts. Now this is where I had to stop and really try to see if there was a way I could cross. It felt like I was doing Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade! Unbelievable... I personally don't know about anyone else however this fan game needs a re-dress. Any game designer knows that foreground objects must be separate from the background objects, just to avoid the aforementioned above from happening  :P :P :P
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