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Ha, so after all that speculation about what types of games they’d put in this collection, they really just did it by release date.  If that’s the case though, then we’re sorely missing Vampire Killer, Chronicles, and Rondo of Blood.  Maybe they’ll release a Home Computer collection and include all three of these games in it, just like Haunted Castle got put in an Arcade Collection?  Or maybe they’re just too much of a pain to emulate ha.

It’s too bad we got boss work for all the Haunted Castle bosses except for Medusa!  Maybe someone spilled coffee over her original artwork?  :(

Too bad about only no international release, but at least you can adjust the difficulty level on Haunted Castle.  I wonder if one of the level/difficulty options adjusts how high the bats fly up and down?  I’ll have to experiment ha.  Also too bad there only seems to be one save slot. Better than none though.

Oh no, another thing that’s missing in the wii u version is the ability to turn it in portrait mode.  Castlevania games don’t care, but it makes playing the shooters a lot less fun on the switch screen.
I am also disappointed, I wanted at least Rondo of blood here..
3 disappointed in this line up. I was REALLY hoping for Rebirth, Chronicles, and at least Rondo.

I might pass on this, I was really looking forward to this... Adventure GB? Really?
Here's the Haunted Castle concept art.
I'm not sure why Kid Dracula would be a part of the collection since it is a parody game. They could have snuck in the SNES Dracula X instead. The rest of the collection seems cool and it'll give people new to the series a chance to play the games that started it all.
I haven't played Bloodlines or Belmont's Revenge. I don't really care about Kid Dracula though.
Meh, could live without The Adventure and Kid Dracula...  Even though it is cool that they appear to be doing the NES version of Kid Dracula.  Would much rather have had Dracula X or Chronicles.  But I guess those are pretty readily available elsewhere.  And of course, the pipe dream of one of the N64 games.  But I do luckily have LoD and a working N64.  :D
Castlevania Collection launches May 16th and final list is:
Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge
Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse
Super Castlevania IV
Castlevania Bloodlines
Castlevania The Adventure
Castlevania II: Simon's Quest
Kid Dracula

I am disappointed by Kid Dracula! I hate parody games.
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