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General Castlevania Discussion / Re: Important lore question
« Last post by gallandryal on Today at 08:02:38 PM »
Because Magnus needed a name to be called, the succubus name was not that relevant story-wise
D's storyline and background is exactly the same of Alucard's.
General Castlevania Discussion / Re: Is Alucard a virgin?
« Last post by gallandryal on Today at 07:53:25 PM »

Maria and Yoko... maybe he just likes dark haired girls?

probably? It would explain a lot lol

turns out dracula just wanted a sandwich all this time

that's why he tried to kill all humanity. No one made him a sandwich poor guy
I'd like a new game that is a sequel to aria of sorrow, maybe in the far future when Soma is old with  new protagonist

or telling Julius battle in 1999 .

a belmont is the castle.

... hey, a better plot twist than a belmont is dracula.

A Belmont is a castle? how would that work exactly? lol I wanna play it  8)

I'd rather a completly new game in the classic storyline, maybe a sequel to Aria of Sorrow or something like that.

Nothing against remake of Castlevania III adding details that appeared netflix series, though. But I'd rather the netflix tv show as a more detailed retelling of the games, there's no need to revisit old games, i'm more interested on possible original content imo.
Fan Stuff / Re: Castlevania: Sonata in Red
« Last post by Corpsecrank on Today at 12:53:47 PM »
I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that this thread was last posted in like 3 years before I even showed up around here lol.

Still if the game runs today and is worth checking out I suppose it deserves to live on for another round. This wasn't exactly a run of the mill necro it was to help bring the game back around to the front for new people to see it. I can respect that :)
Aaaah they should have nudity included, at least like how Saints Row 2 has full front and back nudity just using pixelation (insteadof ARK SE's cowardly irremovable underwear method of censorship)

its crazy how some games get away with exposed breasts nipples and even crotch nudity (well ok, Esper Terra in Dissidia NT is not human skin color, and has no visible genitals nor nipples, but still counts as nudity! and her ass is not covered up either)  and yet ESRB or Sony/MS pressure devs resort to underwear for when characters are in their "nude" state of being.  which is nonsense.  wearing underwear is not nude.  underwear defiles the very definition of nudity.

oh yea and Senran Kagura Estival Versus has nudity on PS4 too, just bright lights, but better than underwear that can't be removed.

censorship is a crime to humanity and towards the natural innocent nature of the human body and the biological truths of the human body.  it's nothing to be scared of.

sure, the full visible genitalia will be exclusive to PC, but they can still keep censorship to a minimum on PS4 and X1 just with a healthy dose of pixelation in those areas.
perhaps they can even get away with uncensored breasts and just pixelated the crotch area.

yea sure, some conservatives would be like the game can be good with full avatar nudity, but the console versions without nudity defiles the art and original vision of the developers and freedom that players should rightfully have on console.

also another thing amazing about at least PC version of Conan Exiles, is that it is one of the rarest games that have realistic visible view of one's own body in first person view!  most games in FPV mode just have floating arms, or just visible feet, legs, waist, stomach, but Conan Exiles has visible body from the chest down!!  which is the proper way to do first person right, and of course the game has 3rd person option too. its cool to have both options, and they are the most professional developers to do first person more realistic and professionally than 99% of the developers out there.

the combat and overall gameplay is much more refined than games like ARK, it does have vast potential, especially for single player and PVP.

Fan Stuff / Re: Castlevania: Sonata in Red
« Last post by Dracula9 on Today at 03:35:46 AM »
a ten year necropost

i ain't even mad, that shit deserves a fucking medal or something
Fan Stuff / Re: Castlevania: Spirit of Lords
« Last post by Dracula9 on Today at 03:34:36 AM »
lotta necroing today it seems
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