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I need a little help here people. I do not own a DS nor a Wii so all of my Shanoa playing experience has come from watching Youtube and a bastardized version of the OOE iteration from Harmony of Despair. She plays well enough but I know not all of her moves are not in that game.....are they? I am wondering the validity of the idea Konami's lack of standing not with standing to my understanding and yes I stand for standing. Would you want to see it. Shanoa in 3D or 2Das some sort of Tell Tale non canon related or storyline eviscerating work keep the exploration but with a bit more emphasis on movement and spells. They would be used more so as martial arts counters rather than OP bitch busting A bombs for you undead asses.

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Someone named "ProjectDread" over at Fan Stuff works on a "Dominus Engine", which is an engine for an OoE-style game.
I'm sure if you search in there and ask the person, they can probably clue you in on Shanoa's attack mannerisms.

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Topic about "Shadow of Ecclesia", a game using the Dominus Engine
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