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Help with The Amazing 100 USA Achievements Adventure
« on: July 28, 2010, 06:53:23 AM »
Hi everybody,

Here's the deal: I'm Spanish, and I'll be traveling to the States for the first time in my life this December. I'll spend there the whole month: twenty days in the area of San Francisco and the remaining eleven at Orlando's Disney and Universal Theme Parks. I thought that was pretty awesome for a vacation already, but then I though, how could it be more challenging and fun? Specially considering I didn't want to come back and edit a boring video of me and my partner just visiting places.

And then my gamer inner voice said "Tuck some achievements in it".

I confess I am an achievement ho, and that I find the "achievement unlock" sound one of the most satisfying sensations in the gaming world. More than beating Seth on in SFIV. So the idea of turning my vacation into an Xbox game with plenty of achievements to unlock just seemed perfect, and a nice wrapping to make a vacation video a little less painful for my friends, too.

I decided my trip would have 100 achievements. Almost three a day seemed fair enough to have constant objectives. Then I came up with three simple rules to ensure it would be possible to unlock everything.

So far I've been able to come up with around 30 achievements, which cover the basic stereotypes I've always wanted to be able to say "I did it". And here's where I need your help. My knowledge of the States finishes where the movies and the news and the comics do, and I don't want to do much research because I just want to land and discover things rather than see the photos first and follow a predefined route. That's why I need you people of the States (or visitors, or just anyone with a great challenge-making skills) to help me out and fill the list up to 100 hundred achievements to unlock.

If you're game here are the rules I've set to make valid achievements:

1. It must be possible within the boundaries of common sense: It is possible to run naked in the Wizardy World of Harry Potter shouting "I'm wearing an invisibilty cape!", but I won't do that.

2. It must be specific: For instance, "Go and see a Monster Truck show" wouldn't be valind unless there really are (affordable) Monster Truck shows in the SF area in December.

3. It must be something I can't do in Spain: We have Mc Donald's, but we don't have the Double Chesse Burger, so having one is a valid achievement.

Also, you can consider I'll be traveling with another person (which opens the door to CO-OP achievements) from day 1 to 20 in San Francisco (and maybe LA and las Vegas, too, but we could consider that optional DLC) and from day 21 to 31 in Orlando's Disney and Universal theme parks.

And here's my achievement list so far:

1. Disney World - "CAPTAIN" Jack Sparrow:  Have a picture taken with Jack Sparrow.
2. Disney World - You inner child with a credit card: Buy a toy
3. Disney World- OMG Turkey!: Have a turkey leg at Frontier's Land
4. Wizardy World of Harry Potter - Butterbeer: Have a glass of butter beer
5. Fast Food Tour - How the they call the quater pounder in Paris?: Order a McgangBang at McDonald's
6. Fast Food Tour - King of Fried Chicken: At KFC, eat something you couldn't find in the Spanish KFC's menu
7. Fast Food Tour - So how do they call the Whopper?: At Burger King, eat something you wouldn't find at Spanish Burger King's menu
8. Fast Food Tour - Quality is our recipe: Eat at Wendy's.
9. Fast Food Tour - In & Out: Eat at In & Out
10. Fast Food Tour - Founded in 1951: Eat at Jack in the Box
11. Fast Food Tour - From Philippines with love: Eat at Jollibee
12. Fast Food Tour - Think outside the bun: Eat at en Taco Bell
13. Fast Food Tour - Charbroiled: Eat at Carl's Jr.
14. Glu-Glu-Glu Tour - Happyness in a can: Drink Vanilla Coke
15. Glu-Glu-Glu Tour - At last, something healthy: Drink a Jamba Juice
16. American Movie Diner: Eat at a classical Diner
17  American Movie Breakfast: Have pancakes with maple syrup in a cafe
18. It's gonna blow!: Eat one of the The 50 Fattiest Foods in the States (according to
19. SF - Mi name is Harvey Milk: Visit The Castro
20. SF - John Mason: "Escape" from Alcatraz
21. SF - Mandatory Visit: Visit the Golden Gate
22. SF - Rather than a cab: Travel by cable car
23. SF - Prophetron Zoltan Fortune Teller: Visit the Musée Méchanique and have a picture with Zoltan.
24. SF - I can't believe it!: Visita el Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum
25. SF - Flowers in your head: Visits Haigh and Ashbury.
26. SF - How cheesy is this?: Eat at the Sky Terrace of Cheesecake Factory
27. SF - It's my Mission: Find the Mission Wall.
28. CINEMA - So big: Watch a commercial movie at IMAX
29. CINEMA - Experimental Cinema: Watch while having something you wouldn't find in a Spanish cinema pop corn stand.

As you can see, more than challenges, so far I've covered up my "to do" list. Now it's time for real fun challenges, but nothing comes up.

So, What achievements can you think of? Any suggestions will be much appreciated!

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Re: Help with The Amazing 100 USA Achievements Adventure
« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2010, 09:45:06 AM »
I think its an awesome idea and a great way to add some variety and challenge and fun to a vacation but Im just like you... I cant think of anything!

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Re: Help with The Amazing 100 USA Achievements Adventure
« Reply #2 on: July 28, 2010, 10:58:46 AM »
The only achivement award I want to win is to be the first invader of Area 51 and Area S-4 to come back alive.

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Re: Help with The Amazing 100 USA Achievements Adventure
« Reply #3 on: July 28, 2010, 11:35:58 AM »
I came up for one more! Since my partner's surname is Castro, the first co-op achievement!

30. SF - Castro in The Castro: Get a discount buying something in The Castro under the excuse "Hey, he's called Castro!"

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Re: Help with The Amazing 100 USA Achievements Adventure
« Reply #4 on: August 05, 2010, 01:05:34 AM »
Hahaha, now this is a cool idea, bro! Something you can't do in Spain...hmm. They don't have Hooter's in spain, do they? In that case,

31. Fast Food Tour - My Face is up Here!: Eat at Hooter's once. XD

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