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My impressions of Castlevania Lords of Shadow + DLCs
« on: January 16, 2014, 02:06:30 PM »
I did not find where to put my impressions about this game so I decided to create a thread here in the classic section.

First of all the game is not new I know (2010) but I have just finished it on my PC.

I read how much the game sux compared to the other in the series. I saw many people saying that it is a copy of God of War. I do not care for that :)

First of all I got the game, Then I bought a cheap controller that looks like a PS2 but it has all the buttons of every console. I look online to see the original Xbox 360 controls for the Castlevania LoS and I set up my key so it was like I was paying on a console.

Before that I watched videos of the game but the experience of me playing it was totally different. I have played the God of War series but LoS for me is superior. I love greek mythology but this Castlevania is better!

One thing bothers me ... why is there so much hate against this game! For me, a HUGE fan of Castlevania both metroidvania and classic, it is AMAZING! Gabriel Belmont is BADASS, the bosses are stunning, the voice acting is perfect and the story is nice. I am used to the normal Castlevania story but that new take is very veeeeryyyy good!

Only one thing was bad for me in the game and it is the fight against the Forgotten One! Ohhh I was so frustrated because I failed so many time to throw those damn 3 blades at him!!! But I managed to kill him at the end :)

I did not play Mirror of Fate for the 3DS but when I get my hands on a 3DS this will be the first game that I will play.

Now I cannot wait for February to come and play Lords of Shadow 2!!!

I know that the game is kind of old but unfortunately for me I played it now :)

PS: Next in the line are Castlevania Lament of Innocence and Curse of Darkness!!!
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Re: My impressions of Castlevania Lords of Shadow + DLCs
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2014, 03:04:21 PM »
I too love Castlevania, I too like Lords of Shadow, but I hate the name "Castlevania" slapped on it.

The main gripe for us who dislike Lords of Shadow is not the game, at least not with me. The game has incredible graphics, incredible plot, incredible voice acting. The playability is very good, and the only thing slightly uninspired for me is the soundtrack, The game as a game is top notch. It does not rival God of War, even though it belongs in the same genre, because it has put it's own spin on the whole mechanics to look unique. Lords of Shadow does it's own thing, and does it very well.

What kills it for me is the name "Castlevania" on the title. If it were called only "Lords of Shadow" and they told me it was inspired by the story of Castlevania, it'd be a-OK. This is not Castlevania. This is an epic game with vague Castlevania box-art references and namesakes thrown in for fanservice. Try it yourself: Change the names of every character who has a classic Castlevania counterpart, and tell me. Does it change anything?

For me it doesn't because there is no connection. And if you're going to make something with no connection to the base product, then you're best off making it a new thing. And since "Dracula" is not "copyrighted" per se, they could still create something like they did, make Gabriel turn into Dracul, and have their game called "Lords of Shadow".
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Re: My impressions of Castlevania Lords of Shadow + DLCs
« Reply #2 on: March 09, 2014, 02:00:57 PM »
It is nice to read all of these good comments about Lords of Shadow because I'm looking forward to play it next week, on PC (I would play it on console if I had one). I hope the game supports the Xbox 360 PC controller.