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Another kickass compilation from Capcom (PS4,XbOne, Switch, Steam)
« on: September 15, 2018, 02:11:49 AM »

Looks like Capcom's bundled some of their best non-licensed beat em ups for a compilation for the modern consoles, thankfully not remastered, and with customizable options. Some of these were on Capcom Classics Collection Vol 1 and 2, or re-released with Magic Sword on PS3/XB360 (Final Fight). 7 nice beat em ups to keep you busy. Has online, and local cooperative play.

Games include:
Final Fight
King of Dragons
Knights of the Round
Armored Warriors
Battle Circuit (for the first time outside arcades!)
Warriors of Fate (released on the PS1 and Saturn, but only in Japan years ago)
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Re: Another kickass compilation from Capcom (PS4,XbOne, Switch, Steam)
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2018, 04:00:06 AM »
I would never have time to play this, but it looks fecking awesome..

Makes you realise CAPCOM were the beat' em up company to beat (up) back in the day!

                                 ^      l   v  ^    v                 ^
                                 ^      l   v  ^    +<<<<<<<BE
                                 ^      l   v  ^    v                 ^  
                                 ^      l   v  ^    v     BE>>> VK<**   
                                 ^      l   v  ^    v     ^          ^   
            +<<<<<Legends>HC>OOS>LOD>64        ^
            v                           l              ^                ^
            v                           l     BE>> * <<<BE     RE
            v                           l      ^               ^       ^
BE=Bad Ending
RE=Richter Ending