After surfing the Web for my favorite video games, I noticed some cool sites devoted to Metroid and Zelda...but there really wasn't anything as good involving Castlevania, my personal favorite series. So, I made one myself. Although there are a handful of other sites devoted to Castlevania, I've tried to make mine the ultimate Internet resource for this series.

Currently, this site offers information about all of the Castlevania games, emulation information, music, and cheats. However, I would like to include more fan art, scans, etc. (I'd especially like scans of the Nintendo Power covers involving Castlevania). I also want an MPEG archive with Castlevania music on it, but I can only store a few at a time due to the 2 meg limit of Geocities. I'll be ordering some Castlevania music CDs sometime, at that point I will make recordings of, and most samples. I'd like to add more graphics, plus put in a section about all of the different weapons used in the Castlevania games, and all of the characters as well. If anyone has any additional information, e-mail me at

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