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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate 3DS (Discussion Thread) General Castlevania Discussion CastleDan Regular Members 4.20 35
"The Dragon Returns" - Castlevania Lords of Shadow Sequel (HERE BE SPOILER INFO) General Castlevania Discussion Ahasverus Regular Members 4.05 22
Lords of Shadow sequel is coming out this year, hinted by David Cox over twitter General Castlevania Discussion OSM Regular Members 3.17 12
Spritework Request & Showcase Thread Fan Stuff Jorge D. Fuentes Administrator 4.78 9
Villa 7.0: the fall of the villa and the rise of castle center Off Topic Highwind Dragoon Regular Members 2.86 7
Super Castlevania 3 Project--Progress Report Fan Stuff Las Regular Members 5.00 6
games/series that should be revived Hardcore Gaming 101 crisis Regular Members 4.17 6
An inconvenient truth General Castlevania Discussion Super Waffle Regular Members 1.67 6
Castlevania Marathon by Sumac General Castlevania Discussion Sumac Regular Members 3.20 5
Koji Igarashi Leaves Konami, Founding New Studio, Metroidvania GDC General Castlevania Discussion Nagumo Global Moderator 4.00 5
Something from the Old Boards is back! Off Topic Jorge D. Fuentes Administrator 4.80 5
The Official Mirror of Fate Opinion Poll General Castlevania Discussion cecil-kain Regular Members 2.20 5
Super Castlevania IV's graphics overrated? General Castlevania Discussion Sinful Regular Members 2.00 4
The Ponies! They have eaten my soul! Off Topic LumiRockets Regular Members 3.00 4
Wow Mom. A work of fiction? REALLY? Off Topic LumiRockets Regular Members 3.25 4
Castlevania Lords of Shadow Mirror Of Fate HD General Castlevania Discussion jmodlin210 Regular Members 4.00 4
Castlevania Remix Fan Stuff uzo Regular Members 5.00 4
Simon's Quest Revamped version 1.1 Fan Stuff metroidquest Regular Members 4.25 4
Lords of shadow 2 is on it's way General Castlevania Discussion Hayoam Regular Members 3.50 4
What game(s) have you been playing lately? Hardcore Gaming 101 Ratty Global Moderator 4.75 4
This is interesting... to me only, probably General Castlevania Discussion TheouAegis Regular Members 4.00 4
For Sale/For Trade Thread! Fan Stuff Jorge D. Fuentes Administrator 5.00 4
Castlevania from a game design & difficulty balance perspective. General Castlevania Discussion Sinful Regular Members 3.00 4
A Letter to All Iga-Vania Fans From a LoS Fanatic General Castlevania Discussion KyleVoakes Regular Members 3.75 4
You can see who upvoted/downvoted you Off Topic Jorge D. Fuentes Administrator 2.75 4
WISPS OF DRACULA Classic Castlevania Threads Highwind Dragoon Regular Members 5.00 3
kid Icarus 3ds Hardcore Gaming 101 Keldor Regular Members 3.67 3
Castlevania Harmony of Despair PSN adventures continue!! 6 Maria parties!! General Castlevania Discussion affinity Regular Members 3.67 3
Is anybody besides me OUTRAGED at the DLC for Lords of Shadow!!!?? General Castlevania Discussion Esco Forgotten One 4.00 3
Castlevania: Vampire's Kiss boxart General Castlevania Discussion Claimh Solais Regular Members 4.00 3

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