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Although all of the MIDI and MOD files are here at my server at Geocities, some of the WAVs and MP2s are links to other sites:

The Unofficial Konami Home Page
Video Game Archive
Rob's Castlevania 2 Page
Video Game Soundtracks Page

Additionally, the following are links to various game music pages where I found these files:
RPGFan Wrote some of the MIDIs here.
Video Game Music Archive Very big site! Ever since the tune "Vampire Killer" rang out in the first Castlevania game, there's been interest in the incredible music from this series. Most of it seems to be taken from Castlevania 2, widely regarded to have the best tunes. Hell, they even sounded good coming from NES sound chip (and you can download digitzed samples from the game)! Anyway, take your pick below:

Castlevania 1

Vampire Killer, First Level -- MIDI format By RPGFan
Vampire Killer, First Level, Dracula X Remix (Rock) -- MIDI format
Vampire Killer, First Level, Version 3 (Soft) -- MIDI format
Vampire Killer, First Level, Version 4 -- MIDI format New!
Dracula -- MIDI format I'm not sure what level this is it may be a remixed version of level 3.
Intro -- MIDI format The music that plays when you enter this site!
Konami Mix -- MIDI format Mixture of Konami game music, including some Vampire Killer. New!
Level 5 -- MOD format Sounds just like the original.
Vampire Killer, Level 1 (Original) -- WAV format
Level 3 -- WAV format
Level 5 -- WAV format
Vampire Killer -- MP2 format
Vampire Killer, First Level, Rock Version -- WAV format

(Note on above file: the WAV file is about 328K and it's a link elsewhere. When I downloaded it, Windows Sound Recorder said it was corrupt but I edited it with other software to make it playable. It may just have been a download problem, but if the same thing happens to you, tell me, and I'll post an editied version up here.)

Castlevania 2

Gears, Daytime -- MIDI format
Gears, Daytime, another version -- MIDI format
Transylvania Night, Nighttime -- MIDI format
Mansion Music -- MIDI format
Town Music -- MIDI format
Password Music -- MIDI format
Ending Music -- MIDI format
Dracula's Mansion -- MIDI format (New!) By RPGFan
Gears, Daytime -- MOD format
Mansion Music -- MOD format
Transylvania Night, Nighttime -- MOD format
Town Music -- MOD format
Password -- MOD format
Ending -- MOD format
Town Music, another version -- MOD format
Bloody Tears, AKA Gears, Daytime -- WAV format (900K)
Bloody Tears -- MP2 format
Town Music -- WAV format
Gears, Daytime -- WAV format
Translyvania Nights, Nighttime -- WAV format
Mansion -- WAV format
Dracula's Castle -- WAV format
Password -- WAV format
Battle with Dracula -- WAV format

Castlevania 3

Beginning, Level 1 -- MIDI format
Beginning, Rock Version -- MIDI format
Demon Seed -- MIDI format
Beginning, Level 1 -- WAV format
Clockwork, Clock Tower -- WAV format
Overture -- WAV format
Rising, Tower Level -- WAV format
Stream -- WAV format

Super Castlevania 4

Simon's Quest, Level 1 -- MIDI format
Simon's Quest, Rock Version -- MIDI format

The following WAVs are named after their sound test number.
01 -- WAV format
07 -- WAV format
08 -- WAV format
0D -- WAV format
0E -- WAV format
11 -- WAV format
1D -- WAV format
21 -- WAV format

Castlevania 2: Belmont's Revenge

Ripe Seeds (Plant Castle) -- MP2 format

Castlevania Bloodlines

Reincarnated Soul, Level 1 -- MIDI format New! By Locke
Requiem, Ending Song -- MIDI format New!
Level 4: Munitions Factory -- WAV format About 1 meg, 25 seconds
Reincarnated Soul, Level 1 -- MP2 formatAbout 220k
Level 4: Munitions Factory -- MP2 format240k, longer and smaller than the above WAV.
Level 6: Castle Prosperia -- MP2 format300k

Dracula X

Unknown level -- MIDI format New!
(Not uploaded)Unknown level -- MP2 format About 220 K
Unknown level -- MP2 format
Fight theme -- MP2 format

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Sound Formats


The MIDI files on the site are all in MID formats. They are playable under Windows with play old Media Player. Unless you have a wavetable soundcard, they will sound pretty crappy, so download Wingroove so you can hear the music like it's supposed to be heard.


You can play WAV files through Sound Recorder or Media Player in Windows (althought Media Player is recommended because it's faster loading.


MPEG compression can compress WAV files down enormously, without sound quality degradation. A 1.7 Castlevania Bloodlines WAV file was brought down to 215K!

Download XingPlay for Windows


MOD files are digitzied samples played in a pattern, and they usually end up sounding pretty good. Mod4Win is an excellent MOD files player.

Download Mod4Win Shareware 2.30

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