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And Square Enix doesnt care to let console owners know whether they will get the features as well. tons of people love playing as their avatar in Comrades and would like to play as their own customized avatar in the story campaign/world too.  it would massively increase the replay value too, playing though as different avatars is much more interesting and refreshing than playing though as the same character. theres more incentive to continue playing a game with playable avatar systems.

avatar system was not only in the roadmap plans for the multiplayer expansion but also in the story campaign (which Tabata admitted in interviews that he wants avatars playable in the story campaign as well, this was long before a Windows version was announced).

now with avatar system confirmed for PC version in story campaign, console owners feel left out and really upset.

So any XV owners and gamers on the fence that would want features like Avatara in FFXV on console, you can contact SE to increase chances of FFXV getting at least the Avatara features added to the console version.
(those that dont care about it really have no reason to post, since it would be bigotry to oppose a feature you dont have to use, and ignoring others that want those features on console)

there are fans that like FFXV and would find features like avatar to make the game much more fun and replayable and more interesting. it is betrayal and downright ungrateful of SE to leave features like Avatara system exclusive to PC, which pc gamers mostly really only care about shooters and free to play games and games that cost a few dollars at most.

the avatars are great in the Comrades expansion and playable avatars would be even more fun in the story campaign, especially considering story campaign has locations and areas Comrades doesnt have, and doesnt require internet nor PS+/XBLG to play.

it would immensely make the game more appealing to more gamers too.   and make the game cool to play even if people dont like the story, they can turn off the voices and tune out the story and carve their own version of the adventure with their own ideal self created avatar!

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Getting it on PS4 would be great. I welcome it. I also want Squeenix to send all of the special PC stuff to console (I want that Twitch exclusive kooky chocobo for the lols)

But I think there might be some constraints (I'm looking at this from the development side):
1. Complaints on the amount of gigabytes the game would be once the feature is installed.
2. Are there still a lot of players on console? (It has been months since I last opened my PS4)
3. The console team is busy with the 4 expansions which have a deadline of Spring next year.