Castlevania Media: Emulator Music

Just what is emulator music, actually? It's actual sound code ripped straight from the game? Don't understand what that means? Don't worry, you don't have to. Basically, you can listen to the complete soundtracks to these games with very close (if not perfect) quality and MUCH smaller file sizes than MP3s. To use these, make sure to install WinAmp. Then, download the plugin for each file type and put it in the "plugin" subdirectory. Then open the file and you're set to go!

Nintendo Music: NSF Plug-In

Castlevania NSF
Castlevania II NSF
Castlevania III NSF
Boko Dracula Kun NSF
Konami World NSF
Konami World 2 NSF

Super Nintendo Music: SPC Plug-In

Super Castlevania IV SPCs
Dracula X SPCs

Sega Genesis Music: GYM Plug-In

Castlevania Bloodline GYM

Calling from Heaven (from Castlevania Bloodlines) as it would sound on a NES. NSF format. By JILost.

Multimedia - Emulator Music