Castlevania Fan Fiction

You walk down a long hallway of artwork. As you approach the door at the end of this odd gallery you find a sign on it reading 'Library'. However it has been scratched horribly by what looks like a sharp object. Probably a sword or more then likely a dagger. Under it carved into the door itself it reads...


A sign rests on a table that rests before several doors. "The section has been split into subsections so you don't have to surf that hard to find the genre that you like. Each fic is rated and gets a summary now or later. That way you know what you're reading. So when the emails come flooding in about how someone is 'so' offended by the content of some fic I can just point this page at them. Right now only the action/adventure section, comedy club and the Fan fic grave yard are open."

Action/Adventure: One of the doors holds a sign reading "For those of you seeking tales of high adventure or mystery, Go on. Fics of those type are listed here."

Comedy Club: For every night only. Humor based fics! Expect nothing but out of character behavior, slap stick, and other chaos driven behavior that is not to be taken seriously.

Graveyard: Another door has another window showing a grave yard. The sign on this door reads... "For those poor fics that were forgotten. Alas poor fics... products of a fad..."

The Theatre: A simple note marks this doorway... "Got Popcorn?" You'll find comics, artworks and interpretations of the written word.