Castlevania Related Links

Castlevania: The Inverted Dungeon The counterpart to this site, with more reviews and several subhosted sites worth checking out.
Mr. P's Castlevania Realm An exhaustive source of Castlevania information that is most definitely worth checking out.
Dracula's Curse Eric Roman's groovy and fun page about Dracula's Curse!
Castlemaniacs A rather nice fansite in Spanish.
The Castlevania Treasury Began as a tribute page to one of the first great SNES games, now much more.
The Castlevania Saga By Andrew Modeen, writer of the second chapter of Bloodlust of the Countess
The Castlevania Villa Ralphy's cwazy place.
Castlevania: Rough Sex in the Moonlight To quote the webmaster: "Think of it as a Castlevania Ela Conker's Quest."
The Castlevania Attic More great goodness.
Castlevania Resurrection Lots of stuff about the cancelled Dreamcast game.
Konami Konami of America Official Home Page.
Konami of Japan Good luck finding your way through here! :)
Castlevania X: The Page Plenty of historical CV info and even a flubs section!
Vampire Killer A superb site with lots of nice scanned artwork.
Dawn of Sorrow Glitches Pretty self explanatory, lots of cool exploits.
The Fire Wizard's Art Gallery Look at pretty Castlevania pictures!

Japanese Castlevania Sites

Akumajou Dracula X Library One of the first places I knew of with tons of Nocturne in the Moonlight info.
Oakane's Page Some nice fan art and, best of all, cosplay! Woo hoo!

Game Music

Video Game Music Archive Good MIDIs!
Soundtrack Central Reviews on video game music CDs.
Animenation Technically an anime store, but they sell CDs too.
Cocoebiz A great site to shop for video game soundtracks.
Game Music Online One of the best places online to buy video game soundtracks.

Video Game Sites

Hardcore Gaming 101 One of my main sites now, a tribute to cult classic games of all kinds.
Armchair Empire An excellent general video game web sites. I wrote for it, so it's awesome.
Siliconera Another site I wrote for, this time specialzing in imports.
The Video Game Museum Excellent collection of nearly anything video game related.
tsr's NES Archive All sorts of NES info.
SHMUPS! Great shoot-em-up page!
Gradius Home World A fabulous page devoted to another one of Konami's greatest series.
RPGamer Chrono Cross = still the best RPG ever.
The Organization for the Preservation of Classic Forms of Gaming Want import games to come to America? Voice your opinion hear!
The Shadowgate Lands A whole site based on the classic NES adventure game. Use->Hammer->Self.
Flying Omelette Full of random video game knowledge.
GameFAQs Looking for game help? Look here!

Game Specific Sites

The Metroid Database Complete reference to the Metroid games. It inspired this site.
West Mansion: The Splatterhouse Homepage The first real survival horror game gets its best page yet!
Twinbee Land Devoted to the cute, overlooked, amazingly fun Konami shooters that never made it to America
The Ninja Gaiden Home Page A very cool source for Ninja Gaiden music and info.
The Ghoul Realm From the creators of West Mansion comes to page dedicated to Ghosts and Goblins.
The Contra HQ Our site devoted to Contra!! Not being updated anymore, sadly, due to lack of time.

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