This section is divided up into sub-categories. If you're looking for the origins of some of the weapons from the series (and the DSS cards), head on over to the History Section.

Primary Weapons:
The main weapons and subweapons of the Vampire Hunters throughout the older games (Symphony of the Night and prior.)

Symphony of the Night Weapons:
Cool weapons from Symphony of the Night, plus info on the spells and familiars.

Circle of the Moon - Dual Setup System:
All of the card powers from Circle of the Moon.

Harmony of Dissonance - Spell Fusion:
All of the Spell Fusion attacks from Harmony of Dissonance.

Aria of Sorrow - Weapons:
Some of the more interesting weapons from Aria of Sorrow.

Aria of Sorrow - Souls:
Detailed information on the Tactical Soul System of Aria of Sorrow.

Lament of Innocence - Spell Orbs:
All of the spell orb combinations from Lament of Innocence.