Here in the Features section, you'll find various articles and bits of random Castlevania knowledge.

Castlevania Resurrection - Interview with Greg Orduyan A chat with the art director of the ill-fated Dreamcast title.

Castlevania Chronicles: Dracula's Curse - A Homebrew A project to remake Castlevania 3 for Windows.

Castlevania: The Belmony Legacy A look at the Castlevania comic from IDW Publishing.

Who's Who in Castlevania The major staff behind Konami's series, and other games they've worked on.

Music for a Tragic Prince: A Look at the Music of Castlevania By Wallace Esch. An interesting essay detailing the music of the series and its historical roots.

Captain N: The Game Master A little bit about Simon's role in the Saturday morning cartoon series, including episodes to download.

Castlevania Handhelds A look at the variety of Castlevania handhelds released from Tiger and the supposed game for the ill-fated

Magazine Scan Library Read reviews and previews from old magazines.

Castlevania Porn Yes, it exists. No, it's not pretty. Here's a lighthearted look at some of the fan-created monstrosities out there. Censored, but tread lightly.

Castlevania Trivia and Cameos Formerly known as the "Weirdness" section, this page highlights other places where Castlevania characters have popped up.

Remixes A look into reoccurring areas and themes throughout the games.

Top 20 Reasons Why The N64 Castlevanias Kicked Ass An article by Jorge Fuentes.

All About Castlevania Subtitles A look as to what all of those musical terms actually mean.

Castlevania 2: Worlds of Power Book The awful children's book based off the NES game. Includes the full text if you're curious.

Akumajou Dracula Famicom Bouken Game Book A ton of pictures from this old Japanese book.

All About Akumajou Dracula Scans from the Super Famicom Guide Book.

Nocturne in the Moonlight Manga Scans from the Japanese release. Includes both Japanese and English versions.