Captain N: The Game Master

Simon Belmont was one of the major characters in NBC's Captain N: The Game Master. The show was about a young video game fan named Kevin who was sucked into the video game world. The good guys were Pit from Kid Icarus, Megaman from Megaman (obviously), Simon Belmont from Castlevania, and some generic princess. The bad guys were led by Mother Brain (from Metroid) and her bumbling henchmen were the Eggplant Wizard (from Kid Icarus) and King Hippo (from Punch Out!). Each episode took them venturing into various NES games. While it's still a Saturday morning kid's show and therefore rather brainless, some of the writers at least kind of understood the games they were writing episodes for, and it makes for some amusing fan service. However, they got most of the Castlevania stuff all wrong - especially Simon. For the most part, he was a stupid stuck-up snot. As you can tell from the pictures, he also looked like a pilot. Apparently, the artists decided that he should not look like a suave vampire hunter and thus made him the comic relief. Simon carried a backpack with all sorts of helpful/nonhelpful junk. His theme music was the Password tune from Castlevania 2.

Episodes to Download:

Mr. and Mrs. Mother Brain Simon wants the princess to fall in love with him, so instead of trying his usual charm, he steals one of Kid Icarus' love arrow. Unfortunately, he ends up hitting himself and falls in love with Mother Brain. As Simon and the Metroid mistress get ready to hold their wedding in Castlevania, Kevin and the gang must find a way to stall them while Icarus and Mega Man climb Mt. Olmypus to find the antidote arrow.

Return to Castlevania Another Castlevania episode, featuring Alucard as a skateboarding punk who aligns himself with Captain N and team. Sypha shows up as an old wizard, as apparently the writer had not completed the game and didn't know Sypha was actually a girl. This one is in MPEG format.

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