Castlevania Level 1

The first level of the original Castlevania has been repeated many times, in many cases having the same structure and secrets too. Be wary of it in Castlevania Chronicles - the usual secret spot is filled with hunchback men. The real one is located on the wall across from it.

Other First Level Similarties

Both Symphony of the Night and Aria of Sorrow have similar structures to the original Castlevania level as well - an area filled with zombies, a small underground water area with fishmen, and a walk back upstairs. Symphony even has the hidden meat. However, most of the staircases from the original are gone.

Bloody Tears

There's a song named Bloody Tears (that plays in level 3 of Haunted Castle, where that portrait is), and there are plenty of statues that drip blood, forming red skeletons when they hit the ground.

Atlantis Ruins

It hasn't quite made sense for Atlantis to show up underneath the ruins of Dracula's castle, but I guess it shows some imagination on Konami's part. Note that in Bloodlines, you're actually at the Atlantis Ruins.

Pirate Ships

Fighting on a pirate ship always seemed a little odd to me - although these are ghost ships, and it's less nonsenseical than fighting in Atlantis. In Aria of Sorrow, the boat is sunken in the Forbidden Area.

Stairway to Dracula's Chamber

The stairs to Dracula's Chamber are usually covered in fog, conveninetly by the moon and the clock tower. Bloodlines' stairs are reveresed, however.
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