Aria of Sorrow Weaponry

These are your standard sword weapons. Pictured, starting from the upper-left and moving clockwise, are Vjaya, a very powerful lightning sword; the Hrunting, the poison sword that you'll find fairly early in the game; the Balmung, the most powerful sword of this variety, and your pathetic pocket knife that you start the game out with.

Many of the weapons you'll find are "slashing" weapons - that is, instead of striking striaght forward, you'll swing your weapon at an arc. There are a few hammers and axes that fall into this category, although they are very slow. However, the more powerful swords are some of the best weapons in the games. Pictured, from upper-left and moving clockwise, the Excalibur (note how it's still stuck in the stone - funny!), Claimh Solais, Death's Scythe and the Final Sword. With the exception of the Claimh Solais, most of these are obtainable only on the second playthrough or in Boss Rush mode.

In case you REALLY liked playing as Eric in Castlevania Bloodlines, there are a few spears to wield. While a bit slow, they have great reach and strength. Pictured are the Trident and Spear of Ronginus.

There are a few fist-attachment weapons. Here we have the Poison Fist, whose title is self-explanatory, and the Kaiser Knuckle, which causes those silly looking multiple punches.

Other Weapons of Interest

There are actually two handguns - the regular and silver variety. While very quick, the handgun really doesn't do much damage.

Positron Rifle
Given that Aria of Sorrow takes place in the year 2035, it's a little odd that this is the only piece of futuristic weaponry. While it looks cumbersome, it's actually fairly quick and very powerful. You can only get it in the Boss Rush mode.

Whip Sword
"This gaem is nto Cstlevania!!!! Where r teh whipz?" asks some legions of retards, obviously having never played the game. If you want to relive the olden ways of battle, here you go. Unfortuntely, there's only one, so in the middle and later stages of the game, it's not too useful.

One of those nifty ultra-fast blade weapons, like the Crissagraem. Again, only available from Boss Rush mode.

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