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Attack Souls - Red

MP: 33/use
Send an eagle flying straight forward.

MP: 15/use
Shoots a web that, theorhetically, should entangle an enemy. That doesn't really work all the time.

Axe Armor
MP: 22/use
You've seen this weapon thousands of times before - it flies forward slowly then returns. The closest thing Aria of Sorrow has to the cross boomerang subweapon.

MP: 120/use
The Strongest Punch in The History. Similar to that holy fist from Harmony of Dissonance.

MP: 5/use
Lets out a small sonar wave with pathetically short range.

Beam Skeleton
MP: 28/use
Shoots out a rather powerful beam straight forward.

MP: 35/use
Creates a wave of flame across the ground.

Blue Crow
MP: 10/use
Soma throws out a crow at an upward angle, which loops out and returns. The same as Maria's bird subweapon from Dracula X.

Bomber Armor
MP: 80/use
Toss bombs. Pretty powerful.

MP: 96/use
The usual stopwatch, which will freeze time for a few seconds.

MP: 24/use
Shoots a beam at a downward angle that will petrify bad guys.

Demon Lord
MP: 38/use
You know those big black fireballs that Dracula attacks with? Now you get to have some fun.

Disc Armor
MP: 34/use
Pretend you're playing Rygar with this snazzy (and quite powerful) weapon.

MP: 33/use
"Grows stronger by stealing HP from its enemies", says its description. That only barely makes sense - what it means is that the tiny little red blob you toss out will latch onto bad guys and suck their HP slowly until wears off or the enemy dies.

MP: 20/use
Fires a katana straightforward, much like the old dagger subweapon.

Evil Butcher
MP: 5/use
Fires a dagger, again, much like the old dagger subweapon.

Fish Head
MP: 18/use
Your standard fireball.

Flame Demon
MP: 44/use
Shoots an array of three fireballs, much like Dracula. Hence why you need this soul to get the good ending (one of the only Flame Demon's is in the Underground Cemetary, for note.)

Flea Man
MP: 15/use
Soon I will take over the world with my army of fleamen, mwahahahah! This jumping bastards are a little erratic, but it's all fun.

MP: 16/use
Pretty similar to the Tetra Spirit attack from Symphony of the Night, a few spirits will home in on enemies around the screen.

Giant Skeleton
MP: 19/use
Tosses a big lumbering skull.

MP: 30/use
Rolls along the ground and crushes enemies.

MP: 25/use
It's hard to see in this screenshot, because this attack is nearly useless - two weak feathers are fired forward and behind you.

Killer Doll
MP: 20/use
Sends a cute little super-deformed Soma or Mina doll to distract enemies. Hardly useful though.

Killer Fish
MP: 16/use
A fish will fly forward and kill enemies. Only works underwater, although if you're feeling particularly cruel, you can summon it on land and watch as it instantly dies.

Killer Mantle
MP: 19/use
"Ability to swap HP and MP of enemies." Mostly useless, except against those golems that take thousands of hits. One hit with the killer mantle and they'll die.

Kyoma Demon
MP: 40/use
Temporary invulnerability, much like those old potions in the classic Castlevania games.

MP: 66/use
Some crazy tentacles will shoot an array of lasers. Quite powerful. Make sure to kill all of the parts of the Legion before getting the core, otherwise you cannot obtain this soul.

Lightning Doll
MP: 46/use
Lighting strikes from your fingertips.

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