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Sword of Dawn Attacks

The Sword of Dawn itself has no interesting attack, but there is a cool spell... do a fireball motion, and you'll summon a Warrior of archer, warrior, or magician. Occasionaly, you'll even get a small army of red-clad soldiers. The best things is that you can make a whole slew of these guy on the screen at one time. You'll find it in the inverted Castle Keep. Right where you found the Jump Stone in the normal castle, hit the wall until it crumbles.

Other Weapons of Interest


The Rune Sword, a one handed weapon, is one of my favorite sword. With a normal attack, it swoops out of Alucard's hands, flies at an arc and returns very quickly. Very cool. It's also very rare. Keep attacking the Dodo Bird in the Inverse Castle entrance (with all of those Dragon Riders) and you'll find it eventually.


An interesting two-handed sword, the Murasama is also swung very fast, creating the circular blades like the Yasutsana, but it isn't quite as fast or powerful, and you must stand still when using it. Described as a bloodthirsty sword, when it is equipped, you will have the Dark Metamorphosis spell permanently cast upon you. Not only that, but the more blood you absord, the more powerful the sword becomes. Keep killing the Vandal Swords (ghosts that come out of the Sword Lords) in the Clock Tower to get this.


Very similar to the Murasama, except without the cool blood sucking ability. And also like the Osafune Katana, there is a teleport move done with a quarter circle motion. These are dropped by Black Panthers.

Heaven Sword

This is pretty keen - the Heaven Sword flings straight forward, then flips back to you, like a boomerang. If you equip two of them, press both attack buttons to summon a whole array of swords that fling forward. You can get this weapon from the Cloaked Knights n the Reverse Clock Tower.


Arguably one of the coolest swords in the game. It's vaguely similar to the Yasutsuna, but it shoots out vacuum waves instead of the circular blades. Although on the status screen, it's weaker the Yasutsuna, its speed and number of hits infliced more than makes up for it. It's one handed and it doesn't lower your defense. Keep killing the Schmoos (those flying ghosts) in the inverted Library to get this.


Very quick and powerful, the Yasutsuna will attack with a very quick circle of blades in front of Alucard. He can also use this weapon while moving (he doesn't have to stand still.) Unfortunately, it's a two-handed weapon and it decreases the defense rating. This one's found by killing the Werewolves in the inverted Colisseum.


The Marsil Sword is a flaming blade that is quite can hit up to four times with its fire. Doing the famous fireball motion will cause flames to fly over the screen. Find this by repeatedly killing those big Fire Demons in the inverted Marble Gallery.


The Mourneblade works just like the Soul Steal power - every time you attack an enemy, you'll gain a small percentage of life. This also works on candles, oddly enough. Dropped by the Azaghals in the Reverse Colosseum.

Osafune Katana

A two-handed weapon, it's pretty strong. However, execute a fireball motion (down, down-forward, forward, attack) and Alucard will transport forward, swing a few times very fast, and then return. You can find this behind the waterfall in the inverted Underground caverns.

Holbein Dagger

Very nifty weapon that shoots out short-wave ascending slashes. It has very little range, but looks rather cool. These are dropped by Lesser Demons.

Jewel Sword

Leaves jewels as items when killing monsters (though it usually drops those crappy Zircon rings.) Additionally, do a quarter-circle forward motion and you'll drop random amounts of $1 coins. And in the Saturn version, equipping the jewels as accessories will give you extra strength. Get this from the Discus Knight (found only in the Catacombs). You can also find it in that annoying passage near the beginning of the castle (where you have to break that big rock open at both ends, and run back and forth in the normal form, bat, and wolf until a room in the lower-left corner opens.)

Shield Rod Spells

Alucard Shield

Summons all other shields and turns the Alucard shield into a soul stealing weapon. Hitting enemies with your shield will give you life and hearts.

Alucart Shield

Attempts to cast Alucard shield spell but fails.

Axe Lord Shield

Summons an axe lord who will walk ahead of Alucard and attack the first enemy it meets

Dark Shield

Summons a dark skull that does damage to all enemies on the screen.

Fire Shield

Summons 3 flaming serpents who fly across the screen.

Goddess Shield

Summons a Goddess who gives protection from dark attacks.

Herald Shield

Summons a sprite that gives protection from fire and thunder.

Knight Shield

Summons a stallion that rases defense.

Lether Shield

Summons a cow that rases defense.

Medusa Shield

Causes a gorgon to appear that fires rays ahead of Alucard.

Shaman Shield

Summons a magical creature that rases intelligence.

Skull Shield

Summons a group of skulls that fires a bolt accross the screen.

Maria's Special Attacks

Other than kicking, Maria's main method of attack are her power shots. Although normally very small, You can hold down the fire button and charge them up to magic of this strength.

Dragon Summon: F, B, DB, D, DF, F, B + Fire (35 MP)
Summons a water dragon that you can control.

Flameburst: U, D, DF, F + Fire (12 MP)
Maria makes lots and lots of fire.

Owl Summon: Charge U, UF, F, DF, D + Fire (18 MP)
Summons an owl to act like a familiar.

Invincibility: U, UF, F, DF, D, DB, B, UB, Charge U, D + Fire (43 MP)
Maria will turn invincinable for about 40 seconds, and gains a bit of strength.

Turtle Healing: D, DB, B, UB, U, UF, F, DF, D + Fire (23 MP)
Summons a turtle to regain a bit of life.

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