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After Harmony of Dissonance's slightly disappointing soundtrack, Konami swore by their very soul that Aria of Sorrow would better it in any way. Well, that's kind of an exaggeration, but things worked out for the best. This time the music is composed by Michiru Yamane of Symphony of the Night fame, as well as Soshiro Hokkai (who did Harmony) and Takashi Yoshida, who did the one arranged track on the Harmony of Dissonance CD. The sound quality now ranks up there with the better GBA titles, and there's some suitably rocking songs, including the Castle Corridor, Clock Tower and Heart of Fire, an arrangement of a few older songs. Other great songs include the Forbidden Area, Underground Waterway, Chapel and Prologue. Music recorded my myself and Elbryan42 of the Castlevania Treasury. An official soundtrack was released, however, for some reason, the sound quality is quite poor. These homemade rips sound much better, despite not being "professionally" done.

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Individual Tracks:

Song Title Location Used
Black Sun Title Screen
Name Entry Name Entry
Prologue Intro/Mina's Theme
Castle Corridor Castle Corridor
Chapel Chapel
Study Study
Dance Hall Dance Hall
Inner Quarters Inner Quarters
Floating Gardens Floating Gardens
Clocktower Clocktower
Underground Reservoir Underground Reservoir
The Arena The Arena
Top Floor Top Floor
Forbidden Area Forbidden Area
Chaotic Realm Chaotic Realm
Hammer's Shop Hammer's Shop
Game Over Game Over
Confrontation Boss Theme 1
Formidable Enemy Boss Theme 2
Throne Fights Graham Battle Theme
Battle with Choas Chaos Battle Theme 1
Last Battle Chaos Battle Theme 2
Heart of Fire Julius Belmont Battle Theme
Premonition Yoko/Arkiado Theme
Dracula's Fate Soma/Arikado Coversation
You're Not Alone Soma'a Allies Theme
Purification Ending Theme 1
Epilogue Ending Theme 2
Credits Credits

Fan MP3s
Song Title Artist
Soul of Axe Armor (Crucifix of Fate) Rize
Akatsuki - Castle Corridor - Crucifix of Fate From Japanese Webpage
Castle Corridor - Crucifix of Fate Jorge D. Fuentes
Crucifix of Fate Geoffrey Gunn
Clocktower Jorge D. Fuentes
Floating Gardens Jorge D. Fuentes
The Arena Jorge D. Fuentes
Inner Quarters Jorge D. Fuentes
Dance Hall Jorge D. Fuentes
Underground Reservoir Jorge D. Fuentes
Top Floor
Study Jorge D. Fuentes
Chapel Jorge D. Fuentes
Chapel - Prayer of Mercy Geoffrey Gunn
Heart of Fire Jorge D. Fuentes

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