Akumajou Dracula Curse of Darkness Original Soundtrack

Catalog #: GFCA-34~35
Publisher: Konami
Release date: 2005
Price: 3500 yen

Review by CapcomMDB:


Excellent presentation -- some of the best I've ever seen for a game soundtrack. CD art is fantastic -- cover, discs, booklet all contain art from the game. The background of the booklet has images of the characters and there are complete liner notes on all songs as well as statements by IGA and Ayami Kojima. The CDs are stamped with Kojima's new manga art style and the album art is also in this style. The coloring is fantastic - this presentation makes you PROUD to own the disc as the prints are high quality as every aspect of it is a joy to look at.

First presses included a poster with Curse of Darkness cover on the front and Ayami manga art on the back. Great stuff, though it kind of fills the CD case up and the poster gets breaks in the print when folded as well as having little bends -- I've scanned my copy so you won't necessarily have to unfold yours :P Preorder both LoI and CoD and you got a CV paper holder-thingy -- I have ZERO clue what it's used for, but it's VERY nicely made and the Lament art on the back is especially beautiful.


Nice composition on tracks. Work of a mature composer, Michiru Yamane has really developed her style of classical, nice selection of instruments, and driving beat. This soundtrack stands poised to supplant Symphony of the Night as my favorite. Excellent tracks such as Abandoned Castle (Curse of Darkness), Garibaldi Temple, Eneomaos Machine Tower, and A Toccata in Blood Soaked Darkness stand at the core of this wonderful soundtrack. Classical Castlevania tunes make a reappearance, most dramatically in Cordova Town and Dracula's Castle, but also are reminiscent in Mortvia Fountain and Cave of Jigramunt. Legendary Belmondo, another of my favorite tracks, brings to mind classic Belmont themes past while Legion and Nucleus is reminiscent of classic Symphony of the Night battle themes. True to Your Dreams actually isn't that bad, either.

There are two remixes on the soundtrack, both of Eneomaos Machine Tower. This is kind of an odd selection to have essentially two mixes of the same theme, making me wonder why that choice was made. The long mix is pretty good, but its impact is lessened by the first mix.

Most tracks loop, then fade out, though there are some level tracks that oddly enough do not, making you want more (Dracula's Castle, for one). The inclusion of some crazy Pumpkin mixes on the first CD is also a bit odd. I would much rather have the unused Library theme.

Overall this easily one of the best Castlevania soundtracks out there, and don't let the price tag stop you -- it's well worth the $35 for two CDs of fantastic music, coupled with a presentation almost unequaled in the realm of VGM. While there are some minor rough spots, the core of the album is solid and sure to bring multiple listens. Do yourself a favor and check this one out.


Disc 1
Disc 2

Track List

Disc 1

01 Prologue of Fate
02 Blue Serenade
03 Prologue ~Endless Sorrow~
04 Flattery with the Secret Arts
05 Abandoned Castle ~Curse of Darkness~
06 Devil Forging
07 Encounter with the Innocent Devil
08 Followers of Darkness -The First-
09 Baljhet Mountains
10 Encounter With a Certain Witch
11 Followers of Darkness -The Second-
12 Sarabande of Healing
13 A Man Who Knows Too Much
14 Garibaldi Courtyard
15 Legendary Belmondo
16 The Man Who Destroyed Dracula
17 Garibaldi Temple
18 A Mysterious Warning
19 Mortavia Aqueduct
20 Mortavia Fountain
21 Followers of Darkness -The Third-
22 Scarlet Fine
23 Proboscis Fairy
24 Pumpkin's Holiday
25 Those Who Desire the Resurrection
26 The Forest of Jigramunt
27 The Cave of Jigramunt
28 Cordova Town
29 Waltz of the Lazy Chair Room

Disc 2

01 Young Nobleman of Madness
02 The Siblings' Sad Destiny
03 Eneomaos Machine Tower
04 The One Who Manipulates Time -First Part-
05 The Visitor In the Silk Hat
06 The One Who Manipulates Time -Last Part-
07 Catacombs of Grief and Sadness
08 Legion and Nuculais
09 Aiolon Ruins
10 Aiolon Cave Temple
11 Isaac vs Ralph
12 The Power of a Hunter
13 Infinite Corridor
14 Reviving Dracula's Castle
15 Julia's Advice
16 Dracula's Castle
17 Confrontation -The First-
18 Confrontation -The Second-
19 The Dark Holy Man
20 Dracula -The First-
21 A Toccata into Blood Soaked Darkness
22 Metamorphosis to the Black Abyss of Death
23 Dracula -The Second-
24 Epilogue ~A Time of Hope and Resolution~
25 True To Your Dreams
26 Endless Sorrow ~Long ver.~
27 Narcissistic Reflection ~From Eneomaos Machine Tower~

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