The Music of Castlevania III

Game Rips
Once again, this whole soundtrack is also on the Akumajou Dracula Best 1 album, but that is for the Japanese version, which has somewhat different sounding music, due to a special chip inside the cartridge. I'm personally split on some the music - songs like Beginning and Mad Forest sound much better in Japanese version, but songs like Rising are preferable in the American release. I recorded a majority of the songs from the sound test, leaving out the crappier tunes.

Song Title Location Used
Prelude Intro
Prayer Opening
Prayer (with Thunder) Opening
Beginning Block 1
Clockwork Block 2
Mad Forest Block 3
Dead Beat Block 4-01
Rising Block 5-0A
Aquarius Block 6-01
Stream Block 6-0A
Riddle Block 9-01
Pressure Block A-01
Boss Fight Boss Theme
Big Battle Dracula
Block Clear Block Clear
All Clear All Clear
Encounter Spirit Meeting
Game Over Game Over
Evergreen Ending
Flashback Credits

Song Title Song Type Location Used Artist
Prelude Original Intro  
Prelude Original Intro  
Epitaph Orignal Password Screen  
Prayer Original Opening  
Beginning Original Block 1  
Prayer/Beginning Original Block 1  
Beginning Kukeiha Club Mix Block 1 Ricoberto Dones
Beginning Konami Arranged Block 1 Konami Arranged
Clockwork Original Block 2 Tom Kim
Mad Forest Original Block 3 Tom Kim
Mad Forest Original Block 3  
Dead Beat Original Block 4-01 Tom Kim
Anxiety Original Block 4-0A Tom Kim
Nightmare Original Block 5-01 Tom Kim
Rising Original Block 5-0A Tom Kim
Aquarius Original Block 6-01 Tom Kim
Stream Original Block 6-0A Tom Kim
Demon Seed Original Block 7-01  
Deja Vu (Vampire Killer) Original Block 8-01 Tom Kim
Riddle Original Block 9-01 Tom Kim
Pressure Original Block A-01 Tom Kim
Overture Original Dracula's Room Tom Kim
Big Battle Original Dracula's 2nd Form Tom Kim
Big Battle (Up Tempo) Original Dracula's 3rd Form Tom Kim
Evergreen Original Ending  
Flashback Original Credits Tom Kim
Flashback Arranged (Piano) Credits Peter Olson
Boss Fight Original Boss Theme Tom Kim
Destiny Original Path Selection Tom Kim
Encounter Original Spirit Meeting Tom Kim

Digital Music
Song Title File Type Location Used Artist
Boss Fight IT Boss Battle TR3 Forever

Fan MP3s
Song Title Artist
Deadbeat (Night Sermon Remix) Cale d'Locke
Castlevania 3 Medley The Minibosses

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