The Music of Castlevania 64 and Legacy of Darkness

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There were a handful of new songs composed for Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness, mostly for the new levels and some new cinema scenes. However, most of the music is the same. These are pretty much the most noteworthy tracks from the game. Too bad I couldn't get the intro without sound effects (and that loud burning) because it's a very cool piece of music. Oddly, the main theme for level 6 has the loud pops even on my television, so it's not a recording error on my part. Blasted N64. Outer Wall theme provided by JILost, all songs from "Bloodborn" on provided by Persmega X - these are also songs left off of the original Castlevania 64 OST.

Song Title Song Title Song Title
Cornell's Introduction Intro Part 1: Dracula's Servants Intro Part 2: Dracula's Resurrection
(Bloody Tears)
Intro Part 3: Cornell's Village (Beginning) Intro (Full) Henry's Father (Cutscene)
Outer Wall Legacy of Darkness Main Theme (Level 6) Legacy of Darkness Main Theme (Main Menu)
The Sinking Old Sanctuary (Level 5)  
Bloodborn Cerberus I Cerberus II
Cerberus III Charlie Vincent Cornell Ending A
Cornell Ending B Female Victim Rises Rescue Henry A
Rescue Henry B Rescue Henry C Shipwreck A
Shipwreck B Skeleton Ape The Oarsman
The Ship is Sinking Vampire Vincent Enter Castle Wall
Meet Ortega Meet Dracula's Servant First Vampire
Henry and Frank Meet Malus Actrise (Alternate)
Harpy Spider Woman Queen Sypha's Defeat A
Sypha's Defeat B Rosa's Defeat The Werewolf
Security Crystal Shodown with Ortega Ortega's Defeat
Shodown with Death Death's Defeat Death Steals Ada
Drac's Coffin (Vampire Killer) Pre-Dracula Ultimate A Pre-Dracula Ultimate B
Dracula's Coffin (Normal) Defeat of Dracula Supreme Dracula's True Form
Pre Drago A Pre Drago B Defeat of Drago

Midi: Castlevania 64
Song Title Song Type Location Used Artist
Opening - Bloodlines Original Opening  
Menu Select Original Menu JILost
Maze Garden Original Maze Garden Jorge D. Fuentes
Tower of Sorcery Original Tower of Sorcery Jorge D. Fuentes
Dance of Illusions Original Dracula's Battle Thomas Koessler

Midi: Legacy of Darkness
Song Title Song Type Location Used Artist
Medley of Main Themes Original Main Themes Ryan Meyer
Main Theme Original Menu Screen Thomas Koessler
The Sinking Old Sanctuary Original Art Gallery Thomas Koessler

Fan MP3s
Song Title Artist
Watch Tower Jorge D. Fuentes
Tower of Sorcery Jorge D. Fuentes

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