Akumajou Dracula Mokushiroku

Catalog #: KICA-7942
Publisher: Konami
Release date: 3/26/99
Price: 2243 yen

Front Cover
Back Cover

A lot of people were not only disappointed in Castlevania 64 as a game, but were also disgusted by the music. I can see why - the direction the music has taken is far more ambiant that what we're all used too. But I personally like a lot of it - it's quiet and added the perfect atmosphere in the game, and stands on its own too.

Some of the music may be a bit mellow, but many of the tracks are certainly memorable and hummable, at the very least. And the main theme of the game, used in the menu screen, level five and ending credits is certainly very cool. Only a few of the boss themes are recycled from earlier Castlevania games. There's also three bonus tracks, but I never cared for them, really.

You might find this CD to be worth it, especially considering the decent price. I certainly like it, and it's excellent for reading or doing homework to. This CD was also released in Europe.

The Music

Track Song Title
1 Introduction
2 Setting
3 Prologue
4 Shudder
5 Intrusion
6 Watchtower
7 Annex - Silent Madness
8 Hamlet People
9 Rose
10 Maze Garden
11 Mysterious Coffin
12 First Struggle
13 Underground Waterway
14 Underground Tunnel - Invisible Sorrow
15 Lamented Rose
16 Dungeon - Main Theme
17 Malus Reappears
18 Actrise
19 Sypha
20 Planetarium
21 Unexpected Encounter
22 Duel Tower
23 Tower of Science
24 Tower of Execution
25 Tower of Sorcery
26 Second Struggle
27 Toothed Wheel
28 Stairway to the Clouds
29 Third Struggle - Dance of Illusions
30 Moment of Silence
31 Castle Escape
32 Fourth Struggle - Concert of Another Dimension
33 Carrie's Good Ending
34 Bad Ending
35 Schneider's Good Ending
36 Staff Roll
37 Melodies of Castlevania (Bonus Track)
38 Invisible Sorrow (Bonus Track)
39 A Night of Peace and Quiet (Bonus Track)

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