The Music of Castlevania Legends

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Considering that Belmont's Revenge has one of the coolest soundtracks you'll find on the Game Boy, the follow up certainly is disappointing. It's nice that some old favorites make a return, but other than a few OK tunes, there's little in the way of interesting music here. Thanks to the Zappsoft Empire for these.

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1. Title
2. Destiny Awaits
3. Prologue
4. Bloody Tears
5. Banquest of Spirits
6. Endless Motion
7. Encounters
8. Holed Up
9. Dark Nightmare
10. Hope and Desire
11. Final Destination
12. Future Harmony
13. Lost Hope
14. Proof of Strength
15. The Son of Dracula
16. The Zombie Dance
17. Meet Lord Dracula
18. Lord of thh Vampires
19. Vampire Killer
20. Credits

Song Title Song Type Location Used Artist
Bloody Tears Original Level 1 Tom Kim
Bloody Tears Original Level 1 Jorge D. Fuentes
Sonia's Theme Original Prologue Clara Leet
Sonia's Theme Original Prologue Clara Leet

Fan MP3s
Song Title Artist
Castle Entrance Jorge D. Fuentes
Inner Hallways Jorge D. Fuentes
Gears and Chains Jorge D. Fuentes

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