The Music of Dawn of Sorrow

This is pretty much the same music as found in the Aria/Dawn of Sorrow OST, although they were recorded directly from the DS, so the sound quality is slightly different (and IMO slightly better.) The only real difference is that the intro movie has sound effects, and it's missing the bonus track.

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Cross of the Blue Moon
A Fleeting Respite
Gloomy Memories
Evil Invitation
Pitch Black Intrusion
Equipment Discussion
Dracula's Tears
Dark Clouds
Black Shudder
Platinum Moonlight
After Confession
Scarlet Battle Soul
Demon Guest House
Echoes of Darkness
Condemned Tower
Into the Dark Night
Cursed Clock Tower
Subterranean Hell
Vampire Killer
Demon Castle Pinnacle
Portal To Dark Bravery
Underground Melodies
The Abyss
Piercing Battle Fury
Game Over
Bloody Tears
Dance of Illusions
After Battle ~Blue Memories~
Finale ~Momentary Moonlight~

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