Akumajo Dracula Best Vol. 1

Catalog #: KICA-7901
Publisher: Konami
Release date: 9/23/98 (Re-Release)
Price: 1980 yen

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The Akumajou Dracula Best collection contains the original soundtracks to Castlevania 1, 2, and 3. There's also an arranged version of "Beginning" (which can be found on at least two other CDs) and the Haunted Castle version of Bloody Tears.

It should be noted that this music all comes from the Japanese versions of the games. What's the difference, you ask? Well, for Castlevania 1, there is a new tune for the password screen, but it's nothing special. Castlevania 2 originally came out on the disc system for the Famicom so the music is actually a bit inferior to the NES version most of us are familiar with. Konami DID add the music from the NES version of the three best tracks at the end of the CD however. And Castlevania 3 used a special sound chip in Japan, so the music is actually quite a bit improved. Unfortunately, they lumped a bunch of music together on the same track for most of these tunes.

Even though the music isn't the best quality, c'mon, this is CASTLEVANIA music. I recorded this stuff straight from my TV when I was younger. If you did that like me, then you'll probably want this CD. It's pretty cheap and easy to find too.

The Music

Track Song Title Special Note
1 Beginning Arranged Version
2 Bloody Tears From Haunted Castle

Legend of Demon Castle
(Castlevania III)

Track Song Title
3 Prelude, Epitaph, Beginning, Boss Fight, Block Clear
4 Destiny, Clockwork, Mad Forest, Anxiety
5 Rising, Stream, Game Over
6 Dead Beat, Nightmare, Encounter
7 Aquarius, Pressure
8 Demon Seed, Deja Vu (Vampire Killer), Riddle, Overture, Big Battle
9 Evergreen, Flashback

Dracula 2: The Accursed Seal
(Castlevania II)

Track Song Title
10 Message of Darkness
11 Within These Castle Walls
12 Bloody Tears
13 The Silence of daylight
14 Dwelling of Doom
15 Monster Dance
16 Last Boss
17 Game OVer
18 A Requiem

Demon Castle Dracula

Track Song Title
19 Underground
20 Prologue
21 Vampire Killer
22 Stalker
23 Wicked Child
24 Walking on the Edge
25 Heart of Fire
26 Out of Time
27 Nothing to Lose
28 Poison Mind
29 Black Night
30 Voyager

Dracula 2: The Accursed Seal
(Castlevania II - NES Version)

Track Song Title
31 The Silence of Daylight
32 Bloody Tears
33 A Requiem

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